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Electronics and social media

You can never predict what atomic particles will do.
But if correct voltage and current is applied to specific point in the flow of particles, then predictable number will change direction ... and then use this switch to accomplish some task.
Voila, the transistor radio ...

... or voila, social media applied at correct voltage and amperage causes flow of peons to switch direction and download song,
Everything is physics.
I think social media is quite clever manipulation... and try to be the aberrant particle.
Everyday physics on the planet closely mimics the actions of living things.

Take for example the physics of removing leaves from patio using a blower. Assume ordinary patio or a windless day and some leaves will always come back toward the blower. This is the main problem with leaf blowers: how to keep leaves in front of you and none returning along the edges, or up around your feet.

Imagination has to be employed to get the job done. Hold the blower too high, or too steel angle, and it removes leaves from one spot, only to fill with leaves again once you move elsewhere. The blower must be low to the ground and used from an optimum distance.
Standing in one place will not work either. Removing leaves requires on-going coordinated attack from many directions, accompanied by retreats and repeated attacks over the same area.
Despite using the human brain at full capacity, the job of removing leaves is rarely 100% successful.

The same physics that stymies the leaf blower can be applied to military action. Exactly the same problems are encountered when using force to remove people. The blower, or in this case, military firepower has to be employed in identical ways to the blower, and no matter how thorough one shoots the gun, the job is rarely 100% successful.
Humans in the line of fire, will follow the same pattern as leaves and scatter to the sides and roll back along your flanks. In some cases they even come back straight back under your feet.

No matter how powerful the action, there is always a recalcitrant leaf wedged under a crack in the board. The same is true for people. The recalcitrant survivor would require a focused attack. Perhaps with a leaf, you could lean over and pick it out by hand. Even so, the leaf will break off and some residual will be left behind. In short, a military attack cannot get 100% of the humans for exactly the same reasons a blower cannot get 100% of the leaves.

This objectifying treatment of war displays the commonality between military leaders and homeowners when it comes to blasting away at adversaries.
The problems encountered by both will be unchanged on the planet until the physics of the planet changes.

Obviously this has important implications for commanders on the ground who understand that advancing in one direction will create a natural vulnerability to counter-attack along the flanks. Advance too far and the natural physics indicates you will become surrounded and require rescue.

The recalcitrant leaf wedged under a crack poses another military challange. Advance far enough and several pockets of survivors will be in your midst, leaving troops vulnerable to hit-and-run tactics.

So it is safe to assume that a military attack cannot get 100% of the humans. This bears out in another way. To move people requires the troops to alternately advance and retreat while continually moving side to side to make sure their advisories are kept out in front... exactly the same action needed to corral leaves using a blower.

When the physics of the planet changes, then new physics will create new niches and problems that will have the final say in what happens here.

What about insignificant probabilities that lead to the changing of elemental particals
Is physics evolving
Are the atoms evolving
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