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I collect absolutely no personal data about you during, before or after you visit

Google, bing, your email, your browser, Windows 10, your web provider etc etc etc all track you.
However this website is not tracking you, but is going to write a privacy policy.

Here's what google wants me to write (I think)
'Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to
'Google's use of the DoubleClick cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads to folks who visit based on their visit to all sites on the Internet.'
'Users may opt out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising by visiting Ads Settings. More information'

Third party vendors, including Google etc, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to all websites. Op out of third-party ad serving   More information

Google search feature on my website
Fall 2016, I added google search feature to my website.
I added this feature so my pages could be shorter, and so people might find content more easily.
I offer my own search feature: 
Find button ............but wanted to offer more options  
I chose google search because my coding skills are limited, and I have no idea how to set up sql server
In exchange for the google search on my pages, I agreed to terms of service that let them track and use your information gathered while using the search feature.
When you use google search on my page, I receive no information about you or your searches.

Links to other vendors/ for example 1000Bulbs, Homeseer, etc.
Some websites agree to exchange links:
I add link going to their website, they add link to my website.
I receive no compensation, and receive no report or statistics from other websites.
I do not add random links to my website from mortgage lenders for example that might track you, etc
Of course I cannot see what links that private servers add to my page... for example local hospital has a public computer for folks waiting for tests. When I check my webpage from that server, the hospital overlays advertisements on my pages, and those advertisements might track you, but I receive no information from those servers or services.

E-mail policy: If you send email to me, I will answer your question if possible.
No I will not release my phone number because people would call day and night... and I'm 1 human and need sleep.
Your email address is stored on webmail server. Your webmail server might be collecting personal data, and my webmail server
might be collecting personal data, but this data is not available to me.
Once your email question is answered, I do not send advertising or promotional emails. Nor provide your email address to others.

Web host statistics: Every website is hosted by a web hosting company unless you have your own server. I do not have a web server. My web hosting service has Awstats that records number of page visits. This helps identify which topics are useful, and find broken links, and page errors. The statistics show total number of page views, average time on site, and average page views per visit. There is no personal information available to me showing your specific activity or identification.
Web hosting companies and web service providers might be collecting personal data. But I have no information from these services other than basic web traffic described above.

Inventors who email their idea:
If you are easily offended by harsh peer review, please don't email your idea or invention.
I do not copy your invention.
I enjoy your innovative ideas. I will offer critical assessment of your idea, but I am old man and out of step with the modern world.
No, I won't test your product. You can send example but I do not have test facilities.
I might photograph the item and send you the photos for your marketing, because I will always support your effort.

Remember, a complaint is opportunity.
So if your manual is 28Mb and cannot be downloaded, get it changed. Please.
If your wiring is out of code, I will say what I know, and please check it out, fix it if needed, and make the world safer.
If your product seems useful, and affordable, and DIY, then I might add a link.
I do not receive compensation from inventors unless by agreement with that person, or Amazon sale of your invention, nor do I receive your personal data from the inventor's website.

Avoid tracking: Use proxy server to avoid tracking:
You can surf internet privately, including visit using proxy server.
Example proxy server
Open proxy server > type or paste website url into search bar > click enter key
This is also good way to check if a website is actually offline, or if your internet service is not working.

I suppose the proxy server guys are not tracking anyone.
Enjoy today with a smile.

Avoid tracking: Change your IP address
Often web information collections are done by IP address.
Each computer has unique IP address
Go online and search 'what is my IP address' and note the series of numbers
Go online and search 'change my IP address'

Might work.

This is a research website, not a manipulator of 'preference' that wants to limit your choices on the internet.
For example, Bing has removed my website from their search engine, apparently because I use google search feature?

What can you do? They need to streamline the revenue flowing from your pocket to theirs, and nothing slows that down more than a bit of research like reading a manual on my website before you buy.

My website is 'optimized' for mobile because my site contains content for people wanting actual information. Moreover, humans can only consume other people's content using mobile device ... they cannot create web content, except a quip 'n dash about their egg salad sandwich.
While many folks might be riveted by a lunch menu, or spilled chocolate milk, it is not an enduring topic, and does not need analysis or diagramming that I prefer to offer.

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