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GE 15207 clock

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Set timer

48 segments
Segment up = timer off
Segment down = timer on

Compare GE to
Intermatic Mechanical Timer

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GE clock has 48 segments that are pushed up or down

Plastic arm rides along clock wheel as it turns. Arm snaps-in when segment is up, and this turns timer on. Arm stays out when segment is down, and this keeps timer off.

Min 1/2 hour on-off times

Intermatic mechanical timer has metal pins & parts
Minimum one hour on-off times. Larger image
Intermatic trippers and parts

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GE 15207 clock mechanism is attached with 3 small phillips screws No image
Intermatic mechanical time mechanism snaps out

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GE Clock has 3 wires.
Wires have room to be cut and spliced.

Web search for replacement motor shows nothing

Buy Intermatic mechanical clock motors

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Plastic gears inside clock.
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Back of 125V clock mechanism: BMHD Timer Module

Motor notation is suspect?

Clock notation shows 1/3 HP >> which is 248 Watts ... heat from 248 Watts is more than two100 Watt bulbs ... which would melt plastic housing.

Tim e-mailed and said 1/3Hp is switch rating between Lin and Lout, and does not apply to power consumption of clock motor inside 15207 timer.

Markings on 15207 clock indicate it is not intended for consumer replacement

Intermatic WH40 3Watt clock motor/ 26Kwh per year
Clock remains accurate for years

The intermatic clock motor is designed for ez replacement using WG1573 model number and star screwdriver bit. This clock motor is available from many internet vendors

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Circuit board comes loose from housing with 4 flat-tip screws
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Circuit board does not have chip or relay or transformer.

Interesting Note: when dip switches are set for 120V, clock circuit has a neutral wire.

When dip switches are set for 240V, and 2 hot wires connect to clock terminals, there is no neutral wire -or- ground wire for the 125V AC clock motor.

Slide bar physically pulls contacts apart and pushes contacts together. No electronics to fail. Larger image
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