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CEA-2045 standard

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Module is NOT sold to public 2016
CEA: consumer electronics association standards for public interest to 'facilitate interchangability of products.'
CEA-2045 is a technical report, released in 2012, that compares interface standards.
Open source CEA devices were typically intended to interface with electrical devices such as water heaters, thermostats, pumps and controllers. The standard was promoted for development of consumer products that would interface with smart grid. Those products never materialized since consumer demand was impeded by imaginary privacy concerns, the fear of big brother electric having control over your appliances, and the diminished packet potential of smart grid devices. Instead the market preferred open-source z-wave, followed by market for proprietary wifi software to encompass larger goals via cell phone technology. The adaptation of wifi to the same application intended for smart grid put control in hands of public vs big brother electric, but at the total summission of personal privacy.

In 2012: "The potential applications of this technology are wide-ranging, it is intended at a minimum to provide a means by which residential products may be able to work with any load management system through user installable plug-in communication modules."
UCMs – universal communication module
CEA-2045 details the mechanical, electrical, and logical characteristics of a socket interface that allows communication devices (hereafter referred-to as UCMs – universal communication modules) to be separated from end devices(hereafter referred-to as SGDs – Smart Grid Devices)"
I wrote:
CEA-2045 is a standard agreement between manufacturers for development of smart grid devices that were going to interact with your smart meter.
Hundreds of 'new products' were going to be available to meet customer demand to monitor power consumption and read their smart grid consumption. The market never materialized, and no mass-produced products are available that I am aware..

Even Whirlpool announced that all their appliances would be smart-grid capable by 2016-19... (amid rampant fears about privacy invasion by the big power companies)...
They introduced the Energy Smart water heater that was smart grid ready.... all you had to do was get the CEA-2045 compliant smart module from power company or other source ...which is not available according to 2015 web searches.
Whirlpool-Energy-Smart-electric water heater
Chuck Thomas Electric Power Research Institute – EPRI - Knoxville, replied, and said:
CEA-2045 standard is a communication port standard ...
.. and is designed to support the connection between any network to any end-use device. 
The standard does not preclude the use of any network such as ZIgbee, z-wave, to physical layers like Wi-Fi, Cellular, power line carrier and other networks not yet invented. 
These modules that plug into CEA-2045 end-use devices could be supplied by any company, not just utilities.

I'm thinking, this is a future technology or industry technology and not consumer technology? yet?
EPRI is rolling out appliances to utilities.
The challenge for smart grid is the cost, at same time global rainfall, ice melt, coal and independent rooftop solar become contentious political issues.

CEA-2045 ressources at EPIR
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