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Air in water line

Air vent/ Eliminate air build-up in water line

Add air vent to high point on plumbing
Eliminate banging pipes caused by air inside line
Noisy water pumps
Frequently found with recirculation systems so pump lasts longer, runs quieter
Required with solar installation

Air vent/ Float vent
Air vent .pdf
Tankless recirculation system
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Why air vent for recirculation system?

Air vent has 1/4" pipe thread/ install ordinary plumbing tee and use 1/4" reducing bushing / use teflon tape on 1/4" pipe thread
Install at highest point in recirculation loop
Often, recirculation pumps cause air bubbles as the impeller spins inside the water pipe
Air bubbles can cause pump, or plumbing pipes to make noise
Air bubbles can cause water to stop circulating
Air will shorten life of pump

Buy air vent:
Air vent/ Float vent

Recirculation system for tankless
How to install recirculation system
air vent
Questions to ask before buying solar water heater
Air in solar water heater/ pdf
Solar water heater installation/ pdf

air vent on solar loop
water hammer

Install air chamber at each faucet

This can help eliminate pockets of air in the pipe

Pipes bang

Pipes bang because water does not compress.
Water is moving through pipes and around elbows. Turn tap off, and sudden stop of moving water causes pipes to shake, and bang into boards and drywall inside wall, causing sound. This can loosen pipe joints, and damage water heater, etc.
Action: Turn water taps off slowly, add air chambers at each facucet (or buy water hammer arrestor), lower water pressure to less than 80 psi, add pressure reducing valve on cold water line before water heater. 
Household Air chamber is usually 18" tall and located behind walls on both Hot and Cold water lines at each faucet, and washing machine, etc. Or install larger diameter pipe for air chamber, and make it shorter.

Water hammer arrestors at Amazon

Water hammer

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