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How to install 3-phase timer

3-phase timer Buildings with 3-phase power also have Neutral wire used to power ordinary 120Volt outlets.

1) Use 120 Volt timer.

2) Install 3-pole contactor with 120Volt coil

3) Timer controls 120Volt coil.

4) 3-pole contactor points turn 3-phase power ON-andOFF.

3-pole contactors at Amazon

Wire size charts
How to wire 3-phase
3-pole contactor
Heavy amp loads: 20-90 amps
L terminals for Line wires from breaker
T terminals for load wires

3-pole contactor
3-pole definite purpose Contactor sizes approximately:
20-40 amp 3" tall x 2.4" wide
50-60 amp 3.75" tall x 2.7 wide
75-90 amp 4.5' tall x 3.5 wide
3-pole contactor
Light amp loads: 8-12 amps
A1 A2 coil voltage
L terminals for Line wires from breaker
T terminals for load wires
Terminals 13-14 NO / terminals 21-22 NC
Other terminals apply to auxiliary blocks
How to wire motor control contactor
Difference between contactor and relay
How to wire 3-phase
DC relays for solar power

Buy 3-pole contactors/ AC ratings

3-pole contactors at Amazon
Noark 3 pole contactor
Packard 3-pole contactor
Mars 2-pole and 3-pole contactors at Amazon
Schneider contactor at Amazon
Kripal 3-pole contactor
Furnas contactor at Amazon
siemens 3-pole contactor
Eaton 3 pole contactor with contact block connection
Allen-bradley 3 pole contactor

3-pole 120Volt coil

25 amp 3-pole 120V coil
30 amp 120 volt coil
30 amp 3-pole 120V coil
40 amp 120V coil at Amazon
40 amp 120V coil
40 amp /120V coil at Amazon
50 amp 120V coil
60 amp / 3 pole 120 volt coil
60 amp 3-pole 120Volt coil
75 amp 3-pole 120V coil
90 amp 3-pole 120 volt coil

3--pole 24 Volt DC coil
Siemens 3RT10 up to 460 volt 5 Hp with auxiliary contacts

3 pole 24Volt coil

90 amp 3-pole 24Volt lug connection
75 amp 3-pole 24V coil
75 amp 3-pole 24V coil
60 amp 3-pole 24V coil
50 amp 3-pole 24V coil
40 amp 3-pole 24V coil

3 pole 240Volt coil
90 amp 3-pole 240Volt coil Amazon
90 amp 3-pole 208-240Volt coil
75 amp 3-pole 240V coil
70 amp 3-pole 240V coil
50 amp 240V coil
30 amp 3-pole 240V coil

3 pole 277volt coil
90 amp 277V coil 3-pole lug terminals
75 amp 277V coil 3-pole lug terminals
60 amp 3-pole 277v coil
50 amp 3-pole 277V coil
40 amp 3-pole 277V coil
30 amp 277V coil 3-pole
20 amp 3-pole 277V coil

3-pole 380 volt coil
40 amp

3 pole 480Volt coil
40 amp 480V coil at Amazon
40 amp 480V coil at Amazon
50 amp 480V coil
60 amp 480V coil at Amazon
75 amp 480V coil at Amazon
75-90 amp 480V coil at Amazon
90 amp 3-pole 480V coil
100 amp 480V coil at Amazon
      contact block

Contact blocks/ pneumatic timer attachments.

Activated by mechanical action of contactor, instead of electric current.
On delay timers delay start time./
Once the timer block activates, the countdown begins.
When countdown ends, the timer's internal relay activates.
Adding timer block, allows the contactor to control additional circuit with time delay.

Buy Contact blocks at Amazon
Delay contact block at Amazon


Test for breaks in wire/ Test for voltage
Most appliance require 80% rated voltage to function correctly
Multimeters at Amazon
Electric testers at Amazon 
How to test and replace element
How to test thermocouple
Element tests for 120 volts
How to test wire
Safety when testing wires:
Never touch wet or previously flooded appliance.
Never stand on wet surface when working on electric.
Never stand on bare soil, put down dry boards.
Tape tester leads to wood sticks to keep hands away from power.
Use non-contact voltage tester before touching wires.
Never touch or lean into any made of metal.
Remove metal objects from pockets.
Do not use oxygen or fuel accelerants in same room as electrcial repairs

Basic house wiring

Non-contact voltage tester

Test for power without touching connectorss
NEVER assume power is OFF

Non-contact voltage tester Amazon
Electric testers at Amazon
How to test electric power is off

How to install terminals


Terminal kit
Blue for 16-14 wire
Yellow for 12-10 wire
Read about terminals
wire connector assortment

Twist-on wire connector assortments

Do not reuse old connectors 

Connector assortment at Amazon
Connector assortment at Amazon

How to select and install twist-on wire connectors
Weatherproof wire connector

Weatherproof wire connector

Connector cavity is full of silicone
Built-in cover keeps silicone in place
Protect from water, dust etc
Buy from my affiliate links
Weatherproof size 14 to 6 Amazon
Weatherproof size 22 to 8 Amazon

How to select and install twist-on wire connectors
Wire connector wrench

Wrench to apply wire connectors

Tighten connector 

Wire connector blaster
Twist connector wrenches at Amazon

How to twist wire
How to select and install twist-on wire connectors
Push on wire connectors

Push-on wire connectors in place of twist-on connectors

Push on wire connectors Amazon
Red 3P connector for 10-14 gauge wire
Lever connectors for stranded wire at Amazon
add solder to stranded wire

Turn stranded wire into solid wire

Add solder to 1" length of tightly twisted stranded wire to make into solid wire
Heat wire. Touch solder to wire. Let cool. File away over-solder.
soldering guns

Timer caught fire

linesman pliers
Buy tools:
Wire strippers at Amazon
Linesman pliers
Utility knife at Amazon
End cutting nippers at Amazon

Fire inside timer caused by stranded wire
Keep enclosure door closed at all times

Fire caused by stranded wire

Do not use stranded wire under screw plate

Applies to timers, switches, outlets, pumps etc.
Small devices, with small loads, such as lamp socket, stranded wire is fine
Add solder to 1" length of tightly twisted stranded wire to make into solid wire
Heat wire. Touch solder to wire. Let cool. File away over-solder.
soldering guns

Timer caught fire

Orange/ #10 gauge for for 30 amp circuits including water heater
with ground
10-2 gauge/ 30 amp
10-3/ 30 amp

NMB is house wiring
UF is underground

Yellow 12 gauge 20 amp

Yellow/ #12 gauge wire for 20 amp
with ground
12-2 gauge/ 20 amp
12-3/ 20 amp

Rolls of stranded wire

NMB is house wiring
UF is underground
White 14 gauge 15 amp

White/ #14 gauge wire for 15 amp
with ground
14-2 gauge/ 15 amp
14-3/ 15 amp

NMB is house wiring
UF is underground

Copper ground wire
Use same size as other wire in circuit

Spools of ground wire
Ground rods at Amazon

Basic household wiring
Basic water heater circuit

Figure volts amps watts for electric water heater
Test elements
Replace elements
How to wire tankless electric
How to change water heater temperature using timer
Change water heater from 240Volt to 120Volt
Replace thermostats
How to wire thermostats
How to wire water heater for off peak operation

How to twist wire
How to wire Cooper 277 pilot light switch
How to wire combo switch-outlet
How to replace 3-speed fan switch

How to wire dimmer
How to wire 3-way dimmer
How to wire occupancy switch
How to wire motion detector
How to wire TM811 and TM8111 switches
How to wire wall timers
How to wire box timers
How to wire off-delay timer
Wire off-delay timer
How to wire pin timers

How to wire and troubleshoot photo eyes
Reverse photoeye so it turns on in day
24 Volt photoeye
24 volt programmable timer

How to wire switches
How to add switch
How to add 3-way switch

Timer for 3-way switch
Timer for 4-way switch

How to add outlet 
How to wire 3-way switches
How to wire 4-way switches

Troubleshoot Malibu outdoor lights
Select and install wire connectors
Select wire size

Electrical formulas
Electricians forum

Electrical pages

How to wire arc fault breaker
How to wire GFCI
How to wire GFCI combo

Basic water heater circuit
How to wire water heater for 120Volt
Install old work box

How to drop wire from attic
Wire connector

How to wire 240volt outlets
How to install 3-phase timer
How to wire 3-phase outlets
How to wire 3-phase surge protector
What is 3-phase

How to wire whole house surge protector
How to wire under-counter water heater

See inside main breaker box
Replace breaker
Install subpanel

How to solder wires
Whole house surge protector
3-phase surge protection
Circuit breakers

Difference between 120 volt and 240 Volt
Difference between 50Hz and 60Hz
How to install electric meter on water heater
How to wire water heater thermostat
How to wire water heater with switches and timers

6x6x4 Enclosures
Intermatic timer enclosures

Convert AC water heater to DC
How to wire DC solar water heater
DC relays for solar water heater
How to add another thermostat to water heater

How many Kwh to heat water
Chart for figuring heating time for electric heater

Intermatic parts
Intermatic trippers and parts
 Dayton Sprinkler timers Power pack
Wire T1906 and T1905 timers
Wire T-101 T103 T104 timers
Paragon timers and manuals
Tork TU universal timer
Westek box timers
Wire EH40 and WH40 timers
Tork timers and manuals
Tork TU universal timer
Troubleshoot Intermatic
Sylvania timers

Leaking water heater
Intermatic GM series
Intermatic GM series
Pool timers and manuals
Intermatic T104P201
Wire GE 15207 timer
Intermatic EH10 timer
EH10 timer

GE box timers
Gardena timers
Gardena T1030

Anode rods

Cost to run water heater

Replace circuit breaker

Clean sediment from tank

Low hot water pressure

Compare all water heater timers
Recirculation system
Hot water circulation system

Gas and electric water heaters Support the economy:
Buy water heaters  from my associate links:

50 gallon Gas water heaters at Amazon
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How to install gas water heater
How to install electric water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater
Point of use water heaters
Gas and electric water heaters Industrial electric at Amazon

Industrial supplies at Amazon

Industrial and scientific Amazon
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box timers Compare box timers

Control water heater w/ Z-wave
Intermatic control centers Control centers:
+ manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Including Z-wave
programmable timer Compare programmable timers

Control water heater with programmable wall timer
Countdown timers Compare countdown timers

Control water heater with countdown timer
Low voltage power packs Low voltage transformers

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