Why hourly workers do not want higher minimum wage

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Talked to night shift workers couple nights ago.
Told the night manage about increasing minimum to $15.

She said, really ?!!
Then she said, it won't matter.

I asked why... she said rent will go up.
So I asked how she knows that?
She yelled back to Dr. Tony the night cook... and said what will happen if wages go up.
He yelled back, rent will go up.

Then she explained the cost of rent.
She knew all the prices for 1-2 bedroom from Kendleton to Houston, to Sugarland.... because rent is the main expense these people face.
RENT is the main obstacle.

Dr Tony came up front. She asked him how much he paid... he shook his head and told me the price....
Rent is EXPENSIVE... like college education for po folks.
Then she added, everything will go up. Prices everywhere will go up, so minimum wage won't matter.

So what do I think?

I think the Democratic party/ Bernie Sanders is silly to talk about minimum wage.

If the Democrats want to motivate the voter... then talk about LOWERING RENT.
If the Democrats really want people to register to vote... then talk about their bread-n-butter issues like RENT.

Neither the night manager or night cook are registered to vote.

Either way... rent or wage... you dabble with the free market... so why not choose something the actual working people want to hear?

So does it matter if the democrats can actually lower rents?

Of course not.
It doesn't matter any more than Republicans rattling on about the 14 amendment.

Because the first thing you need is voters

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