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Troubleshoot PB300 series timer
Intermatic PB300 series timer
Install CR2032 lithium battery located back of timer.
Display will not show if battery is not installed or battery is dead.

Buy replacement battery / 3 year life for program back-up
Battery: replaceable CR2032 lithium battery

To restore functionality, or clear memory before programming, press and hold reset button, which is the round button located below and to right of display screen.

There are 5 terminals on back of timer. There are 2 unmarked terminals located separate from 3 other terminals which are marked C, NO and , NC.
Connect 240V power to 2 unmarked terminals, connecting either hot wire to either terminal. Connect one hot wire to C terminal, and you are ready to connect load.
Wiring diagram lower on page

Make sure terminals connections are clean and free of carbon and rust.
Make sure load is operable.
Check load rating plate. Do not exceed 16 amp resistive load rating or 1 Hp @240V.
Check that load is rated for 240V. Check that line is 240V from double-pole circuit breaker.
Test that 240V circuit is carrying at least 80% rated value or at least 192Volt.
Flip circuit breaker fully off and then fully back on.
Always reset timer before programming.
Set 8 ON and 8 OFF programs. Each ON program must have corresponding OFF program. Programs cannot overlap of conflict. Check that days of the week match for both on and off settings.
To run programs, set timer to auto after programming is complete.
Timer has 1 year limited warranty through Intermatic.
Intermatic.com website has customer service options.
PB series timer
2-3/8" wide x 2-3/8" high x 7/8" deep
Intermatic PB 300 series / 16 amp resistive / 
24-hour -or- 7-day Programmable timer with 8 on-off per day
Minimum 1 minute on-off
1/2 Hp 16 amp  to 1 Hp 20 amp to 2 Hp 20 amp depending on model number
Surge resistance/ reset button to restore functionality
Full on-off override
3-5-yr replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
8 watt consumption 16A resistive (70 Kwh per year)
50/60 Hz for use anywhere in world.

Buy 120Volt / choose 24 hour or 7-day:
PB313E     120Volt 24 hour 15 amp 1/2 Hp at Amazon
PB373E        120Volt 20 amp 1/2 Hp 7-day at Amazon
PB314E     240Volt 24 hour 15 amp 1/2 Hp at Amazon
PB314EK   replacement kit/ 240Volt 24-hour at Amazon

Buy: 240V models / choose 24-hour or 7-day
PB314E     240Volt 24 hour 15 amp 1/2 Hp at Amazon
PB314EK   replacement kit/ 240Volt 24-hour at Amazon
PB374E        240Volt 20 amp 2 Hp 7-day at Amazon

Replacement battery / 3 year life for program back-up
Battery: replaceable CR2032 lithium battery

Old numbers
PB913EK image shows at Intermatic... replacement kit


Sell sheet with model numbers

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PB300 series manual
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Sell sheet
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Another wiring illustration
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