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Intermatic P1103FE 24-hour DPST electronic time switch

24 hour time clock
Relay and time clock in plastic box
P1103FE with plastic box 120Volt relay and 24 hour time clock
8 ON-OFF per day

Beige finish
All plastic NEMA 3R rated for Indoor/Outdoor installation
50-60 Hz for use worldwide/ 1.5 Hp at 120V/ 3 Hp at 240Volt
DPST means NO and NC terminals
Can be used with the Intermatic P1000 and P7000 Series
93/8-Inch (23.9 cm) Height by51/2-Inch (14.0 cm) Width by 35/8-Inch (9.2 cm) Diameter
Combination 1/2-Inch - 3/4-Inch nominal knockouts, 1 on back and each side of enclosure, and 2 on bottom

INTERMATIC P1103FE DPST ELECTRONIC TIME SWITCH This line of electronic time switches in safety enclosures is specially suited for applications where there is a need to turn equipment up to 8 ON and OFF cycles daily, and where the automatic operation of the equipment requires occasional override by someone other than a qualified service professional. Electronic technology allows up-to-the-minute programming accuracy. The unique "door within the door" provides safe access to the timer control buttons, but prevents entry into the wiring compartment. Light indicator illuminates when timer is in ON position. An override feature is provided to allow pool service without interruption of ON/OFF settings. "Select feature" allows timer to be continuously ON, OFF or in Auto mode. Typical application for the clock circuit would be the pool pump, and a pool light for the radio circuit. In case of power failure, a replaceable lithium battery preserves programming for up to three years.

P1103FE at Amazon
Battery: replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
P1103 manual with wiring/ pdf

7-day time clock

120Volt Relay and 120Volt time clock/
Requires neutral wire
Snaps into any Intermatic enclosure

P7103ME mechanism-only with 120V relay and 120V 7-day time clock
8 on 8 off programs
          Buy P7103ME at Amazon

Intermatic PB300
PB313E     120Volt 24 hour at Amazon
PB373E        120Volt 20 amp 1/2Hp 7-day at Amazon

1435T136 relay with 120 Volt AC coil at Amazon
143T135 relay with 240 Volt AC coil at Amazon
Buy equal Substitute
Omron 120 volt coil at Amazon/ contacts rated 25 amp @ 220 volt load
Omron 240 volt coil at Amazon/ with test button/ contacts rated 25 amp @ 220 volt load
Omron relays at Amazon

P7103ME manual with wiring/ pdf
P1000 series with box/ manual 120V and 240V wiring
PB series timer
7-day timer
2-3/8" wide x 2-3/8" high x 7/8" deep
PB300 24-hour series
24-hour timer
2-3/8" wide x 2-3/8" high x 7/8" deep


Intermatic PB 300 series / 16 amp resistive / 

24-hour -or- 7-day Programmable timer with 8 on-off per day
Minimum 1 minute on-off
1/2 Hp 16 amp  to 1 Hp 20 amp to 2 Hp 20 amp depending on model number
Surge resistance/ reset button to restore functionality
Full on-off override
3-5-yr replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
8 watt consumption 16A resistive (70 Kwh per year)
50/60 Hz for use anywhere in world.

Buy 120Volt / choose 24 hour or 7-day:
PB313E     120Volt 24 hour 15 amp 1/2 Hp at Amazon
PB373E        120Volt 20 amp 1/2 Hp 7-day at Amazon
PB314E     240Volt 24 hour 15 amp 1/2 Hp at Amazon
PB314EK   replacement kit/ 240Volt 24-hour at Amazon

Buy: 240V models / choose 24-hour or 7-day
PB314E     240Volt 24 hour 15 amp 1/2 Hp at Amazon
PB314EK   replacement kit/ 240Volt 24-hour at Amazon
PB374E        240Volt 20 amp 2 Hp 7-day at Amazon

Replacement battery / 3 year life for program back-up
Battery: replaceable CR2032 lithium battery

Old numbers
PB913EK image shows at Intermatic... replacement kit


Sell sheet with model numbers

PB300 24-hour series instructions
PB300 7-day series instruction manual
P7103ME manual
Sell sheet
Troubleshoot PB300 series timer
Intermatic PB300 series wiring Resource:
Larger image of wiring diagram
Another wiring illustration
Another wiring illustration
Contactors for heavy-amp load wiring

50-60 Hz use worldwide electric grid/ any country
Intermatic PB300 series timer
Battery: replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
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