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Problem with CA3750

Mike Coscia
Good afternoon!  I came across your detailed instructions for the CA3750, thank you for taking the time to write that all up!  I have a quick question and was hoping you can help me out.
See CA3750 instructions

My father is an electrician and wired up my CA3750.  It is wired to a pool pump for 240v.  The resister is set for 240V and the selector switch is on DPST.  We wired it as follows...

Contact 1 - Power + Jumper to 3
Contact 2 - Power + Jumper to 5
Contact 3 - Jumper to 1
Contact 4 - Pool Pump
Contact 5 - Jumper to 2
Contact 6 - Pool Pump

With the above wiring, the Intermatic gets power but will not turn my pump on.  My tested all the contacts and 6 was not getting power.  He than had me switch the wire from contact 6 to 5 and everything worked fine.

I though the CA3750 was maybe defective, so I bought another one and had the same issue.  So I am assuming I am doing something wrong.  I just can't figure it out for the life of me.  I would REALLY appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you!
CA3750 contacts 5-6 are simple on off relay.... just like single-pole light switch
It shouldn't matter which terminal either wire is on.
Straighten and clean copper ends of wire.... copper wire will pit and decline in conductivity when exposed to air.
Make sure only the copper and no insulation is under the screw plate.

Consider that maybe moving the wire causes movement in another connection... and that other connection might be loose
email back.
Do not use stranded wire.
Check continuity across terminals 5-6 before and after repay is activated.
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