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Write your webpage in Kompozer
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Resize images and add image to website

Make your own website for free  

Steps 17-21 > Load webpage to host server using Filezilla

Before Starting:
1. You need a web hosting service <> for example, IX Web hosting with 24-hour help with even tiny details <> or search 'web hosting'
2. You need to register a domain name <> for example: <> and this is done at the web hosting company

3. Click images [pictures] to see larger
4. If there are words you don't understand, check wikipedia


Your website must be loaded or 'published' to Web Host's server
There are 3 ways to accomplish this task
1. Your web host's server has a control panel where your pages can be loaded
2. Kompozer, the web writer program, has a publish option > click File > publish
3. Filezilla is a free download that installs red icon on desktop

I prefer Filezilla because it is simple. Once you log in, Filezilla can stay open on the desktop. Simply drag and drop pages & images into your website using steps shown below.


Actual website files are on right side
Here is Filezilla, open and ready

Filezilla log-in requires specific website information available from your web hosting service
Your web hosting service will help you with the information

Here the host name is:  [without http://]
Your user name will be assigned by the web hosting service
Your password is established on the web hosting control panel

Your hosting service will guide you through the steps, and they understand novices

Notice Filezilla is divided into the right side and left side. The left side shows the drives and files on your computer. The right side shows the actual folders on your website.


Drag and drop your webpages into Filezilla

Webpages and images are loaded into different folders, simply drag the file with your mouse and drop into correct folder

Your index page is loaded into folder titled:
All other pages that you make in Kompozer will load into same folder.

Your images (photos) are loaded into folder titled: images
Steps 25-35 cover images in detail


Index page is your homepage

Use mouse to drag and drop into Filezilla


Drag and drop all webpages into the folder titled:

It's that easy <> and now your homepage and other pages are loaded onto the host server
Your web site is officially on the internet !!!

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