I don’t want a water heater timer because …  (9 reasons)


1.) The power company is going to sell me a smart meter ... 

... let me peek at the gift ... electric company investors are receiving from my wallet.

smart meter

Job lost

Are you ready?
-Ready for signing up at a website that tracks your consumption, uses game software to negotiate, and sets your price based on your personalized peak consumption.  
-Ready for local workers replaced by a product made in China by corporations that pay no US tax?
-Ready for meter software updates without your permission or knowledge?
-Ready for foreign ownership of your meter switch?
         Yes, agreement with smart meter, is agreement to peak pricing, foreign ownership, and more!

Are you in a gift-giving mood? Smart grid is projected to cost billions, so why are grid-promoters promising lower prices?

If everyone saves money with a smart meter, then electric company revenues will fall. Who expects revenue to fall after installing a meter that lets the utility charge more? Bills are going up. Proof? You're paying for the meter, and projections show smart grid build-out will cost billions more.

People know power to wealthy people will never be cut, and they know cuts will fall heaviest on the most vulnerable ... yet they know everyone's job is dependent on power which puts them at greater disadvantage to the wealthy, whose consumption will drive more cuts on the vulnerable. The promoters want you to believe that shorting the other guy means big savings for you.

Rate increases and taxpayer subsidies are paying for smart meters imported from China that replace local workers. Your smart-meter purchase raises the value of utility companies by lowering payroll and installing built-in acceptance of dynamic pricing [higher prices]. So ordinary folks are giving a massive gift to investors, whose only promise is 'better times are ahead.' But for whom?

Utility companies promise websites with customer information. Customers assume utility companies will handle everything via the meter without customer participation at the website. But opt-outs mean customers will have to sign up at utility company websites to enjoy 'free' disconnect service. There is not one customer alive who wants to deal with a stockholder-owned utility at a website that controls power, sets rates, and knows your consumption pattern, the same pattern that dictates the rate you pay. You will be dealing with game software each time you log-on the utility website, and it knows the game and it knows who you are. Proof? The game has already started, each time another 'study' says your bill will go down.

The stated goal of smart meter is to tie each meter to peaks. Where is the end-zone for this plan? Your personal energy consumption peaks just as you arrive home from work and adjust heat/air, turn on lights, shower, cook food, and turn on TV.

Not one promise made by utility companies squares with what people see. And this is the smart-meter honeymoon. You will have to fight utility investors to keep your meter switch from fleeing overseas in fear of your vote.

               Protect your future >>> You can try a water heater timer free
               Compare 13 gas and electric water heater timers
               Figure volts-amps-watts for your water heater
               Wire off-peak water heater thermostats
               9 ways to save with a water heater

2.) I want a tankless 'on-demand' heater...

.. except they are made overseas and can NOT be repaired by the homeowner
tankless failure
Takagi TK1
Bosch 1600P
Why spend a $1000 to save $1 - $8 a month? Read Bradford White side-by-side test results
See Hidden cost of tankless
You can save more more money and more energy with a few changes on your conventional tank heater see

Here's the research:

Tankless water heaters are not built in your town. They are high tech gadgets. The electronics inside cannot get wet. They are prone to lime build-up, susceptible to water pressure and water particulate. They require high water flow and draft large amounts of air into house from outside. Problems are difficult to diagnose. Parts are not interchangeable between brands. When a tankless stops working, you wait for professional repairman, and then wait for expensive parts/ or throw the thing out.
Before you buy:
Look at the parts sheet and ask how much repairs will cost.
Read the warranty and ask why it doesn't match promoter claims of longer life.
Ask how far the new unit will be located from bath & showers.
Ask if the promotion of unlimited hot water is consistent with 'saving money.'
Ask how many BTUs are needed so hot water is not interrupted by another person using hot water.

Electric type: Whole house tankless electric does NOT save money vrs conventional tank heater. Operation requires 90 to 120 amps from your breaker panel > requires new breaker panel with more amps from the pole.

Gas type: Whole house tankless gas saves $1 - $8 a month depending on amount of hot water used. See hidden costs. Expensive to retrofit for tankless. Must be located near gas meter which may be farther from bathrooms. Read the manual before you buy.

Operation: Nowhere does warranty say that tankless last longer than regular water heater. Tankless units rely on high-tech precision making them susceptible to water pressure and particulate in water. Water-softener & filter are required, adding another monthly expense. In contrast, your regular tank heater is easy to fix and maintain.

Energy: On-demand heaters consume large quantities of BTUs as water flows past in a pipe. Tankless cannot store heat gathered from other sources such as solar. Tip for saving money in cold climates: install staging tank so water starts at room temperature.

By comparison, there are many ways to save more money and energy with regular tank heater, including: dial down thermostat, insulate tank and install timer. A timer is low-cost savings straight to you. See water heater timers
c 3.) My water heater is old ... so I don't want to mess with it.
water heater rocket
c 3.) Answer: You don't worry about turning off the water heater circuit breaker when you go on vacation. In fact you think a rest does your water heater good. Which is true.

Well, a timer works like the circuit breaker. It simply gives your water heater a well-earned rest each day. A timer will prolong the life of your water heater while saving money. A timer is for people who reduce consumption and schedule hot water use.
water cc
4.) I already turn off extra lights 4.) Good. You can do more.
c 5.) My ancestors never had a timer on their water heater ...

c 5.) Answer: In the past, electric companies wanted growth. They recommended every electrical convenience so large power plants could deliver economies of scale.

Decisions were made in a cheaper era that water heaters should run full-time with no switch or control.
c 6.) I'll get a timer when the savings are bigger
prices rising
c 6.) But if you waste electricity, doesn't that raise the price on everybody, including yourself?
water c
c 7.) It's too complicated because I don't understand electricity n' grid
Nobody understands the electric system entirely. Every job is a specialty today. But you're trying to cut your electric bill. A water heater timer will save money if you schedule hot water use.
Try a timer for free
c 8.) I don't buy anything until a CEO tells me on TV

Answer: A TV CEO will yell and scare and threaten to close plants and move overseas until you buy a smart meter or tankless heater or some other product thinking these things are in your benefit.

But a CEO won't tell you about a water heater timer because a timer is a low-cost, low-tech benefit straight to you.

Do it yourself

9.) My giant Energy Star home saves energy
Your big house saves energy?

Energy Star means your Hummer can be an economy car. Quit letting them fool you.
Install a smaller water heater, use less hot water & add a timer.
10.) Well, I'm not going to get a timer anyway
Well, you said that about a computer too.

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