How the internet has become like TV and Radio.
The basic principle of media today is to make money.
No money, no media.
The original function of TV, Radio was communication.
Anybody could set up a radio station.
Mom and pop could climb the mountain because nobody owned it.
... until bandwidth got too crowded.
Conflicts over bandwidth caused the government (we the people) to regulate bandwidth.
Supposedly then, all people would still have equal chance to broadcast.
Obviously, Facebook demonstrates that people want to broadcast.
Back to radio, TV: advertisers discovered they could buy up broadcast rights and put it on a paying basis.
Remember, no money, no media.
Enter the internet.
Freedom to climb the mountain again, yahoo.
Except advertisers soon put it on a paying basis.
Still, no money, no media.
OMG what a morass of popups and flash and delays and barriers they have erected.
But the worst is PREFERENCES.
Think about this: the content you see is today based on the content you saw yesterday.
It's like going to a dating site, and they keep showing pictures of your EX ... because you liked him/her before.
Really? Yes.
My preferences say I want to see democratic scrolls and they know this, so Facebook will not recommend posts with nazi flags.
Nor posts from Britain.
Can't see em so they must not exist. Correct ! Because they might offend me into not buying something.
Instead I see happy bs, even though I'm old miserable bored, and study electric wiring and would love to see electro-mechanical recommendations.
How bout a good transformer, scarecrow?
No no no, search for transformer and the internet offers toys.
Electrical transformers are not mass market, even though a good education on transformers would help the public understand the problems with solar power.
But helping the public understand a topic might stop them from clicking likes on the endless solar promotion on facebook... that is pleasantly disguised as 'information'
So we cannot easily see the real content that we want, because the media is based on our previous likes-dislikes ....
But only when those preferences make money for somebody.
That's why the TV doesn't let us choose broadcasts from India.
Instead they offer 'best vacuum' or 'the jewelry show'
It's why there are categories of music. Country western.
It's why the new must mimic the old.
Except stupid is as stupid does, and we know it.
It's why people in this country are DISSATISFIED
It's why we want change.
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