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Average temperature of shallow ground water

shallow ground water temperature map
54 Approx annual average outdoor temperature for northern US states
65 Approx annual average outdoor temperature for southern US states

Coons Cave Bloomington Indiana
Coon's Cave Monroe County

Cave temperature = equals shallow ground water temperature

Casual proof: As former caver or spelunker, I observed year-round underground temps.
Once past the entrance, caves remain same temp year-round. Caves get temperature from average underground temperature in region. For example, limestone caves in Indiana are 54F year-round, summer or winter. Southern caves are warmer. The map shows same temps I saw inside caves.

For cave info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caving see links at bottom

For research: Use 'google alert' in e-mail:

For data, search US Geological Survey:
waynes cave

Waynes Cave 1965 / Monroe county Indiana

We used carbide lamps, and coveralls to climb down into and crawl through caves all over Monroe County.
Most area caves had been thoroughly explored by the time we came of age
I think they closed all the caves in Monroe County around 1985 to avoid injury and death, and public expense.
Caving is dangerous. Always the chance of falling, flood, exhaustion, getting lost, exposure.
Sitting on a cold rock in total darkness, waiting for uncertain rescue must be terrifying.
We never had problems... but we were lucky.
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4 ways to look at underground temperature.

1) Underground water pipes are geothermally heated. Each house receives some measure of geothermally heated water. Colder incoming water causes water heater to run more.
2) Shallow temps start at 8-12 feet deep.
3) Deep underground temps, up to 5 miles in some diamond mines. read1 read2
4) Geothermal hot spots from volcanic activity cause extremely high temps near surface.
5) All city water pipes are located underground, preventing freezing. This is geothermal heat.

Geothermal ideas 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  Geothermal self-help forum
Tempering tank

Underground water pipes are geothermally heated

Water arriving at home is geothermally heated.
Water pipes are buried underground to prevent frozen pipes.

Passively pre-heat cold water using staging tank or tempering tank located in naturally warm area
See illustrations

Geothermal points

Geothermal resources

Family chart for setting water heater timer based on incoming water temperature
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