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Review Kenmore Energy-star natural gas Water Heater Model 33704

Kenmore flue damper water heater at Sears
Kenmore flue damper series
Kenmore energy-star manual

Warranty 6 years when installed in single-family residential home
6 years tank, 6 years parts
Warranty 1 year full replacement with labor for water heater tank that develops leak
Warranty 2 years for commercial application such as apartment or business.

1/2" Gas line

EF .67

Recovery 40.9 gal per hour
40,000 BTU
50 gallon first hour 81

6 year warranty
Kenmore flue damper Model 33704
Larger image
AO Smith Flue Damper Series/ almost identical to Kenmore energy-star flue damper
Product manual
Spec sheet
Estimated annual cost
With brass drain, air intake on side, re-settable FVIR,

1/2" Gas line

EF .67

Recovery 42 gal per hour
40,000 BTU
40 gallon First Hour 67
50 gallon first hour 81

6 year warranty
Water heater plugs into 120V outlet. Best to have a dedicated circuit with nothing else on the line, including fluorescent lights. Power surge can knock out gas control that is plugged into outlet so install surge protector. Simple power outage can cause surge. Check outlet with circuit analyzer to ensure proper polarity of outlet. Water heater must be grounded or gas control will not operate. Do not use extension cord. Unit comes with 10 foot cord.
Water heater flue damper Flue damper increase efficiency
Flue damper slows the release of hot vent gasses, causing more heat to enter water.
Since flue has a damper, the water heater does not have pilot light. Uses hot surface igniter instead.
The damper is main reason water heater has .67 EF energy factor and costs $272 per year to operate.
Flue damper series saves $28 per year vrs ordinary gas water heater
Compare flue damper series with typical non-dampered water heater has EF .60 and costs $300 per year to operate

How to install gas water heater
attach vent to damper Flue damper raises height of vent pipe. Draft hood installation page 20 manual
Cut old vent pipe using tin snips.
Connect vent pipe using 3 sheet metal screws.
All vents should have 3 screws per joint and be made of approved mater such as galvanized steel or stainless steel.
Do not use aluminum vent pipe. Aluminum is NOT code for water heater, and is used on clothes dryer. 
Kenmore flue damper water heater has 3 legs
This means combustion air intake is located on bottom of water heater.
Stand water heater on bricks so air intake screen can be cleaned once per year.
Do NOT install water heater in dusty environment. Today's gas water heaters need plenty of fresh air, and air intakes must be kept clean.
Adding bricks will raise height of water heater by 2-1/2"

How to install gas water heater
How to install gas water heater
FV sensor location
Kenmore FV sensor located near bottom of tank
Today's gas water heaters have FVIR systems to prevent flashover or explosion if flammable vapors, such as gasoline, enter water heater combustion chamber.
If water heatyer is set in drip pan, keep FV sensor higher than top rim of pan so water cannot short out FV system.
How to install gas water heater
Plastic drain valve Plastic drain valve will last many years.
Can be repaired by replacing washer.
Drips can be fixed by installing hose cap over end of drain.
Always install water heater in drip pan to prevent minor water leaks from causing damage.

Professional plumbers prefer brass drain valve, because brass will unscrew from tank without breaking off.
How to replace drain valve
All water heaters should be flushed each 6 months to prevent sediment build-up
How to flush water heater
Honeywell gas control valve Honeywell gas control valve

 Product manual
How to light water heater page 19
Error codes page 21 31-32
Temperature adjustment page 20-21
Repair parts page 34 manual
Troubleshoot page 29 manual
Anode rod page 24
Maintenance page 25

water heater is a flammable vapors
ignition resistant water heater and is designed to reduce
the chances of flammable vapors being ignited, gasoline
and other flammable substances should never be stored
or used in the same vicinity or area containing a gas water
heater or other open flame or spark producing appliance.
In the event the FV Sensor does not prevent the ignition of
flammable vapors, the FVIR System is designed to reduce
the risk of flammable vapor-related fires.
The patented system protects your family by trapping
the burning vapors within the water heater combustion
chamber through the special flame-arrestor. The burning
vapors literally “burn themselves out” without escaping
back into the room. In the event of a flammable vapor
incident, the FVIR System disables the water heater by
shutting off the gas supply to the water heater’s burner and
pilot, preventing re-ignition of any remaining flammable
vapors in the area.
"Corderite Combustion Containment" known as “C3 Technology™” . The C3 Technology design features a
sealed (from non designated air intake openings) combustion chamber and a "flame arrestor" component.
Seven Flash, three second pause
Flammable Vapor Sensor (FVS) Lockout
Contact qualified service technician to reset the sensor
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How to install gas water heater
How to install electric water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater
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Point of use water heaters
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Including Z-wave
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