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Gene Haynes Author page
Gene Haynes 2016 Originally from Bloomington Indiana, attended University High School and Chatham Twp High School class '68, graduate IU School of Business 1984, lives in Texas.
Online author of webpages, manuals, and articles with almost 4.5 million views each year.

After seven years writing web content, I decided to post my earlier writing into a series of eBooks.
Scratch that plan, forget the older stuff.
New ideas wouldn't stop pressing the calendar.

Result: Here's my newest work, and maybe some day the older work will get edited and posted.

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Hurricane book cover
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gene haynes
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Cover by Zian Dinh w Gene Haynes

Hurricane that Burned Down Texas

The mystical attraction between a man and a woman is affected by environmental upheaval and ownership of women.

Follow Bobber through his life as he deals with economic and social turmoil while trying to reunite his family.

Read what happens 300 years in the future when increased atmospheric carbon alters people, and causes a fire that decimates Texas.
It's stark and bold.

Spoken in slow Southern drawl.

Buy: $.99
Hurricane that Burned Down Texas

Chapter 31-32 Fire
Chapter 42 Bobber discovers the Queen
Chapter 46 RobbieB claims Cheneen
Chapter 49-50 Fight in the street
Chapter 54 Cheneen sees the Contract

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write kindle book white
Cover by Gene Haynes

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How to write eBook using Kompozer
How to write Kindle book using Kompozer

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Book of Serious
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Covers by Gene Haynes

The Note was Written in a Scrawl

Book to be offered when finished.

A story of love, lust and growing up during a forceful time of change in the old south.

Edwin Jones found the Book of Serious on the top shelf in the prison library. Inside the pages, he discovered the Deck of Life.
The Deck of Life released him from bondage, but in turn, he accepted obligations that had to be fulfilled.

The deck of life had nine cards
Love poker heart blood forgive abandon revenge
The truth card was lost
The last card was unknown maybe it was the future

Political shenanigans, greed and murder go unnoticed by the white people of a small 1950's town in deep southern United States.
Things are changing as sharecroppers and town squares get pressured by large economic interests.
Black and White cultures live together in uneasy balance.

Mysterious notes are being delivered.
The notes arrive at a critical point in each person’s life, 
and alter events in the future.
The fate of one town, and the people who live there, are profoundly affected.
You have a choice, but don't ignore the note.

First 8 chapters posted online
Political shenanigans, money and murder affect the people of a small 1950's town located in deep southern United States during a time of change. Sharecroppers and town squares are pressured by larger economic interests. Black and White cultures clash. Mysterious notes arrive that affect people's lives and change future events. The fate of one town, and the people who live there, are profoundly affected. You have a choice, but don't ignore the note.
Political shenanigans, money and murder affect people in a small 1950's town located in the deep South during a time of change.
Black and White cultures clash while sharecroppers and town squares are getting pressured by larger economic interests.

A series of notes are delivered to people, each note representing a card from the deck of life.
A series of notes are delivered to people. The notes arrive at a critical point in each person's life, and alter events in the future.
The fate of one town, and the people who live there, are profoundly affected.
You have a choice, but don't ignore the note.

Larger image
Cover by Gene Haynes
My art website

Bicycling: the sport of kings
Just like golf.
Except the other players get to swing a club at your head whenever they want.
Off the seat of a bicycle
Chapter 40 Suede-brown
Chapter 47 Dusty-Gray

Σ{A->B+B->A}√πe • -1 = about 100'
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Index of short thought articles
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gone for emergency hamburger ... be back later
the cycle of consumption and landfill controls the world.
Finding a way to make it add up
I shouldn't share this one ... but facts are unavoidable
The future is one inch at a time, it never happens because of 1 person, it takes people using what came before to inch toward the next thing that is always miles away... and never gets closer.
Sometimes the best you can do is stay alive
Facebook keeps asking me 'who I am with,' and I say my cat, and then they refuse to add my cat ... so why do they ask me?
Rich people don't fight wars or pay for wars ... we do ... Rich people declare wars and make a profit from wars ... we don't
Started using photoshop to make 'art' after 2010 ... my pictures expose the weakness and strength of the medium .. or maybe the strength of photoshop and weakness of artist ... hard to measure.
My warmest touch of joy goes out to my friends, and across the world to those who are feeling a cycle of loss, loneliness, illness or doubt this season. We are still together and bonded as one.
 I imagined being a 'mountain man,' following the animal trails, surviving on beans, living in a tent ... except I liked being home each night, safe from bears.
Every rock in the dirt has a history back to the beginning of time
amazing how easy it is to slip into contempt over people who have nothing when you have something
Aug 8 2016 I've been near blind last several days with dry eyes, and recovered this afternoon after agressive treatment ... I'm back at work tonight and don't need glasses right now but it's been scary ... hope it holds ... it didn't. Got sclara lens Jan 2017 and save my vision.
June 2016: 18 wheeler tore off my side view mirror today on freeway ...
Trust the rich guy to cheat the public, deport your neighbor, and arrest you for tax evasion
The joy of semi-rural living is being able to pee off the back porch ... every man alive will understand what I mean.
I have to say N Korea has the best military dance parades... the entire group in perfect step ... like a bunch of rockettes except less sexy outfits.
I have a theory ... lacking oxygen, the brain dies... so breathing more carbon dioxide has displaced oxygen in each breath ... and the effect is dumber folks.
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