The Hurricane that Burned Down Texas
By Gene Haynes 
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54) Cheneen sees the Contract
A few days later, Cheneen showed up outside the Box.
She watched the monitor with another married girl from her side of the clan.

Bobber asked LeoJ to notify him whenever she came around. Both men understood.

When the last person left the Box, she came in and pretended to be busy straightening her long skirt.
Bobber saw the side of her tender face.
She looked like a great warrior who was beaten. She fought so hard.

He said, hi Cheneen, as if surprised to see her.
She wouldn’t look at him.

It’s okay, everything will work out.
No. She said.
It was a warning.
She was intelligent.

Cheneen knew how to read.
When they were together,
before she took up with RobbieB, she would read the contracts Bobber wrote.

She was so strong standing across the street the night the men were fighting and the girls removed their face covering. She was the leader. The other girls stood strong because of her. That was the real Cheneen.
She loved talking and visiting with friends. But she became such prime Property within that incestuous family, and her mother never protected her.

Her clan and RobbieB didn’t read the Property contract that Bobber wrote.
Bobber called it up on the monitor, and asked if she wanted to read it.

Cheneen started reading. It was awful.

Bobber said no, look at this part down here.
A few moments passed.
Cheneen alerted and looked hard at the monitor.

See what I mean? Bobber asked.
That’s impossible, she said.
Oh yes, it’s my standard contract. All your girlfriends have the same one. It’s my standard Property contract.

Cheneen looked at Bobber, and then looked back at the monitor, and then looked at Bobber again.

Bobber told her she had to let it play.
She couldn’t tell anybody yet.

Cheneen was shaking.
Thank you. She wanted to ask more.

Bobber said, remember, not a word to anybody, not even friends.
You have to be strong a while longer. Your family has to play against the contract.
Cheneen nodded.

Do you know when they are going to make a move?

Cheneen said they didn’t tell her anything, but they knew Bobber was leaving for New Galveston.

Cheneen said they were causing problems for a lot of people. Bobber nodded. He understood what that meant.

He told her it would be perfect water soon.
Cheneen looked down. The dread covered her face again.
Then she left.

LeoJ came up front. He said, that seemed to go well.
Were you listening?
It’s my job.

Bobber said her family is waiting for the trip to New Galveston because there won't be enough time to reclaim position.
We'll have to go to the edge and see who falls off first.

LeoJ said, I think people will have to stand with you.
Bobber was sad. His friend Cheneen had suffered so much torn heart.

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