Aug 2017
Couple days ago TV announcers were excitedly telling us that Bud Adams daughter was donating 10+ million to some cause, and other swells were sending matching amounts...
What glee and glory for us all ... that the swells cracked a fat wallet for a good cause..
It wasn't money for storm victims.. it was some trifle to impress other swells.. maybe she was selling the 'team' ... I wan't listening closely
But since that moment I have turned sour...
It has been against my principles to feel this way..
Especially with recent requests ...
asking a few dollars to help cure disease ...
A good cause
Except my brother died..
And there WAS a cure available..
Invented no doubt using donations ... and probably my brother contributed because his work helped make somebody rich...
But there was no cure for my brother because he was poor..
And I couldn't help...
I don't have 10 million in my pocket..
It got me thinking about donations to cure disease.
Somebody will get the money,, and if they find a cure using other people's money
They will take credit,,, and throw themselves a parade of ownership
... that will run up the price and exclude most people of the world..
I am alive because of cures
So, like I said
... it has turned me sour...

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