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By Gene Haynes
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How to write eBook using Kompozer

Chapter 13) Fonts:
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To change Font style to Arial, highlight text, go to Format, Font, and choose from the list of fonts.
Some fonts might not work in Kompozer. You can choose another font. For advanced users, you can add a bit of code. Visit webpage: Add font by changing code.
Some fonts might not work when you preview book on Amazon site. Recommend you email .mobi to your Kindle device and check if all the fonts work correctly.

You can add new fonts to your computer, such as Questrial. Search internet for Questrial font. There are sites that offer free fonts or groups of fonts for a price.
Search internet for different styles of font.
Typical method for adding new fonts like Questrial, is download the font file from internet to computer, open the file, extract and save to font folder located in Control Panel. The new font will automatically appear next time Kompozer is opened.

Very large Font
Enlarged Day Poster font.
Always email .mobi to your Kindle device and check if fonts work.

To make large fonts, highlight text, then use 'larger font size' tool that appears as capital A on toolbar.

Tip: You can apply Heading 1 and use large font as chapter title.

Playbill Font
Copy-paste interesting font from internet.
Or paste font from another document. For example, write text in Google Docs, select text size such as 48.
Save Kompozer work before proceeding. Then Paste into Kompozer.
Kompozer is a bit resistant to Paste from Emails and other document writers, and the display might jump to top of book. 
It is no cause for alarm. All is working fine.
Main thing is to save your Kompozer work before the paste, then scroll back to location of the paste and check if appearance is correct. The reason why Kompozer jumps to top is not important for writing eBooks. It is caused by
adding a format that is normally included in the top section of the source code.
Tip: very large font is not useful for long sentences.

Tip: Kompozer offers a place to change font settings and language by going to Tools and Options. In Font options, be sure to add a checkmark in Allow document to use other fonts. Caution, changing font settings in Kompozer, such as size, will change entire book. If you change font settings, be careful to note default settings, so you can change back later. I suggest not messing with Font settings. The topic is not discussed further.

Adding curved fonts:

This is not a font, or text. This is a 400 pixel wide picture made with photo editing software. Pictures are covered in Chapters 20-25.
Basically you open a new file in photo editing software, type text, then use warped text option. You can search internet for adding fonts and curved or warped font, and adding drop shadow to fonts for different effects. Or open following webpage: How to make curved font.

Make a picture of any font:

This is not a font, or text. This is a 400 pixel wide picture made with snipping tool.
If there is a font that does not work in Kompozer or eBook, then you can make a picture of the font, and add the picture into Kompozer.
Type text and then use snipping tool or photo editing software covered in chapters 22-25.

uppose you want a large capital letter at beginning of each chapter.
Go ahead and make a picture of the letter. This picture is 137 pixels wide and 124 pixels high.
See chapters 20-25 for making pictures. Read instructions in Chapter 24.

By Gene Haynes
Author page

How to write eBook using Kompozer