Tree and waterfall
Oil pastel 22"x32" paper after 2000.
This art reflected my thinking about an upside down world.
This picture has a long story you are best to avoid, having to do with Heisenberg vs Einstein, uncertainty vs formula, reading this vs common sense.
Anyway, I was writing a book at the time, the full explanation of life, inspired by bicycle riding possibly because I fell on my head.
The bicycle is an anti-gravity machine.
Or as close as you can get.
And I came to see time and gravity being the same thing.
If you got the timing wrong you would suffer gravity. Either-Or.
If you got the timing right you could defy gravity.
Example: You can accelerate using gravity which we all know... drop that bike in a hard right and it will fall, control the fall and you go faster ... you can bounce right out of a hole.
In any case, uncertainty rules: You can say where a car is and estimate its speed and guess at the intent of electrons in the driver's head, but if you suffer gravity at the same moment, you're in trouble.
I mean, boil it down. Did a formula predict the millipede walking across my floor tonight, or was there more uncertainty?
The book led me to fairly radical ideas, like speed-of-light evolves, which some now postulate as true, and that atomic particles evolve... of course we know stars created some rather interesting atoms, so what's inside black holes?
Oh well, uncertainty seem more certain than a formula over the whole expanse of time, a length of which is exactly the same duration as gravity.
Now you see why they invited me to join the science program, and why I was wise to paint houses instead.
And hence, gave up the book as a project to be finished later which never was, after calculating I would have to go insane to figure out the actual answer, and it was easier to do artwork.
So that's what you get for the price of admission.

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