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Can timer be wired with dimmer

Anthony asks: Can timer be wired with dimmer switch
Answer Generally, yes if dimmer is installed between timer and light.
Timer must come first in the circuit, and then the dimmer, and then the light.

Which timer? Answer may depend on specific brand and model of timer. Attach photo.
What type of load? Are both timer and dimmer rated for same voltage and same load (CFL, fluorescent etc)
The timer that I was looking at was the Intermatic In-Wall Timer, model Ei500.
I have not chosen a dimmer yet but I will make sure that both are rated for the same voltage and load when I do make my purchase.

Answer Ei500 is solid household timer, and requires neutral wire.
(Ei500 is different from EJ500) See resource: Intermatic timers
Ei500 will work fine with dimmer
As long as dimmer is located between the timer and the light bulb

Intermatic EI500
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Ei500  7-day  7 programs each week/ single-pole/ any type load/ CFL / ballast / 1/4 hp motor

Single-pole timer
7-day or 24-hour digital timer with 7 ON and 7 OFF operations
Incandescent, CFL, ballast,
1/4 Hp motor
8 amp, 1000 watt, 1/4 Hp.
Neutral required, internal rechargeable battery

Ei500 white color at Amazon
Ei500 white or ivory color at Amazon
CFL bulbs at Amazon
Metro timer at Amazon

Compare all programmable timers
All Intermatic timers
Ei500 requires neutral wire

Intermatic timer

Ei500 timer requires neutral wire

Many timers and dimmers require neutral wire

1) Ei500 Requires neutral wire
Neutral wires are white wires, covered with wire connector, and pushed to back of box.
See Inside Main Breaker Box

2) No neutral wire available in box?
ST01 battery-operated timer might be best option.
See illustrations below

3) Dimmers rated more than 600 watts usually require neutral wire.
Exception rotary dimmer

4) Check dimmer load ratings ....
Less than 600 watt without neutral are often rated incandescent-only, not CFL

5) High wattage dimmers, full 1000-1500 watt...
Can get very warm to touch, might have aluminum fins on the faceplate,,,
Amp draw for these dimmers exceed timer ratings... timer will burn out sooner.

6) Dimmers can be warm to touch... because they are consuming excess power that causes light to dim....
Dimmers should never be hot
Heat from dimmers might shorten life of timer located inside same box.

7) Household timers and switches and outlets etc should never feel warm or hot
Simple electric safety overview:
Timer and dimmer

Install 120 volt dimmer between 120 volt timer and 120 volt Load

Typical indoor wall timer is wired as shown
Neutral wire required

Ei500 white or ivory color at Amazon
CFL bulbs at Amazon

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