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How to wire T105 timer/ 40 amp/ 120 volt/ SPDT

Applies to T105, T175  see all models
water heater timer
T105 / 240 Volt / NO NC
T105 at Amazon
T105 series models/ manuals
T175 timer
T175/ With day skipper
T175 w/ day skipper
T175 series models/ manuals
With 1 NO terminal
and 1 NC terminal

Wiring for T105

Wire Intermatic T105 timer

T-105 timer 120 volts

T105 timer has NO NC terminals
When timer is OFF, then NC Load2 is ON..... and NO Load1 is OFF
When timer is ON, the reverse happens, and Load2 is OFF, and Load1 is ON

T105 manual

T175 manual
T100 series parts

color code household wire
See wire sizes and load ratings

T-105 clock motor 120 Volt

WG1570 for 60 Hz 208-277V Amazon

Change T105 clock motor

Intermatic clock motor >>>>> Intermatic clock motor

T-105 changed to 24 Volts

CW1570 for 60 Hz 24V at Aplus

T-105 changed to 240 Volts

WG1573 for 60 Hz 480V at Amazon

T105 changed to 50 Hz:

WG1571-10D motor for 50 Hz 120Volt
WG1574-10D motor for 50Hz 208-277V Amazon

T-105 changed to 480 Volts

WG1576 for 60 Hz 480V at Amazon
How to replace Intermatic clock motor
156T1961A tripper


Dial can have 12 sets ON-OFF trippers
156T1978 trippers Amazon
2T2485GA enclosure

Convert indoor timer into outdoor timer:

Buy different enclosure

2T2502GA beige plastic Outdoor box at Amazon

124T1952 Insulator
Larger image

124T2411A insulator pk 25


124T1948 single pole T101, T102, T105
124T1948 single pole T171, T172, T175
124T1948 at Amazon

Black rigid
124T2411A  rigid
At Amazon

How to take apart and repair T100 series timers

T101 Wiring: How to wire T101 and T171 series timers

Applies to T101, T101R, T101P, T101PCD82, T171, T171R, T171CR, T101R3, T101P3, T101R201, T101P201, T101M, T171M  see all models

T101B Wiring: How to wire T101B timer

Applies to T101B with separate wiring terminals

T104 Wiring: How to wire T104 timer

Applies to T103, T103R, T103P, T103M, T103PCD82, T173, T173R T173M  see all models

How to wire Intermatic T102: How to wire T102 and T172 series timers

How to wire Intermatic T105: How to wire T103 timer

How to wire Intermatic T106 timer: How to wire T106 timer

Nema 3R indoor-outdoor enclosure
To convert to 120V operation, replace WG1573 clock motor with WG1570 clock motor

How to wire Intermatic pool timer: How to wire pool timers

Intermatic Resources

Control centers:

Control centers: + manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Intermatic/ Grasslin enclosures

Metal and plastic enclosures
Intermatic enclosures

Intermatic sprinkler timers and wiring

Intermatic sprinkler timers
How to wire Sprinkler timers + rain sensor + manuals + buying options
How to connect rain sensor when timer does not have rain terminals
How to Set & Troubleshoot Intermatic sprinkler timer/ pdf

Multi-function timers and wiring 40 amp

Multi function timers and manuals
GM40 timer  Intermatic GM40AVE    Woods 59402 timer   Tork DTU water heater timer  

T1906-5  T1975-6 heavy duty timers 20 amp

Multi function timers and manuals
Intermatic T1906 timers

ET series digital timers/ 20-30 amp/ 120-277 volt/ multi-channel (same timer controls two circuits with different programming)

ET series timers
           Intermatic ET279 timer    Et70215 timer

Timer modules/ 16 amp/ 12-240 volt

Timer modules/ 16 amp/ 12 to 240 volt
MIL72E timer    FM1-timer   MIL72A timer      CN101A timer wiring        Intermatic PB300      
Gas and electric water heaters Buy:
Industrial electric at Amazon

Industrial supplies at Amazon

Industrial and scientific Amazon
box timers Compare box timers

Compare ways to control Gas and Electric heaters
Intermatic control centers Control centers:
+ manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Including Z-wave
programmable timer Compare programmable timers

Control water heater with programmable wall timer
Countdown timers Compare countdown timers

Control water heater with countdown timer
Yard and Christmas timers Yard and Christmas timers
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