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How to wire T106 timer/ 240 volt/ SPDT

Applies to T106R, T176, T106P3, T106M

T106R / outdoor metal box/ 240 Volt
40 amp/ NO NC
T106R outdoor at Amazon

Larger image
Day skipper
T176 / indoor metal box/ 240 volt/
40 amp/ NO NC terminals
T176 timer at Amazon

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T106P3/ outdoor plastic box/ 240 Volt
40 amp/ NO NC
T106P3 beige plastic box
T106R metal gray box

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T106M/ mechanism
T106M at Amazon

Wiring for T106 series

DTSP/ single pull double throw timer: single activation of timer switch can turn on either high or low speed on pump
Wire Intermatic T106 timer

T-106 timer 277 volts

T106 timer has NO NC terminals
When timer is OFF, then NC Load 2 is ON, and NO Load 1 is OFF
When timer is ON, the reverse happens, and Load 2 is OFF, and Load 1 is ON

T106R manual
T176 manual
T10604R manual
T100 series parts
Sell sheet

T100 series timers/ all models shown

Wire Intermatic T106 timer for 208 volts

T-106 timer 208-240 volts

T106 timer has NO NC terminals
When timer is OFF, then NC Load2 is ON, and NO Load1 is OFF
When timer is ON, the reverse happens, and Load2 is OFF, and Load1 is ON

Use this configuration for 2-speed 240Volt pool pump that runs continuously.
Use NO NC connections to change between High and Low speed

For 120Volt application,.buy T105 timer.
Or replace WG1573 clock motor with WG1570
See wire sizes and load ratings
T106 2-speed pump
>2-speed pool pump wire colors may be different than illustration
>For example High speed might be White and Low speed Yellow
Connect Low speed to NC terminals. High to NO terminal.

T-106 timer: 2-speed 240Volt pump

>Timer acts as a high-low switch for continuous-running 2-speed pumps.
T106 timer does not turn pump off. Use P1353 for 2-speed pumps that turn off
>Or use 2 timers, and wire first timer before T106.

See wiring diagram for two timers

Wire colors will be different. For example white wire may be Low speed.
wiring diagram and instructions for pump
Typically Low speed is running most of the time
So connect Low speed wire to NC terminal 1, and High speed wire to NO terminal 4.
Set timer to turn ON during times when High speed is needed.
Minimum on-off is 1 hour.
>Pump operates continuously. Install another timer on L2 Hot line to turn pump ON-OFF
Pump motor must be grounded
How to set Intermatic T100 series timers
2 speed motor wiring
2-speed motor wiring larger
Resources:Other 40 Amp timers can control 2-speed pump:

Intermatic GM40
GE 15207
Tork DTU40
Intermatic T1906 20 amp timer

Larger image

T106 and T104 timer control 2-speed pump

T104 turns pump on-off T106 changes pump from high speed to low speed Wire this configuration when 2-speed pump is not ON all the time Use T106 without T104 when 2-speed pump is ON all the time
T10604R with T106 and T104  /208-240V for 2-speed pumps
T10604 Door label
More control centers
Intermatic P1353 timer
See P1353 manual and wiring

2-speed alternative timer

P1353 timer at Amazon
PE153 at Amazon

P1353 manuals and wiring
For 2-speed pumps that do not run continuously, install P1353 timer.
Snaps into any Intermatic enclosure
2T2485GA enclosure

Convert indoor timer into outdoor timer:

Buy different enclosure

2T2502GA beige plastic Outdoor box at Amazon

Intermatic GM series

2-speed alternative timer/ 20 amp

Use T1906 and T1975
SPDT with NO NC terminals, For 2-speed pumps and other NO NC applications
15 minute time intervals instead of 1 hour for T106
T1976 has day skipper

T1906 and T1976 wiring

Lower amperage 120Volt timers with NO NC terminals:

FM1 series
PB series
FMD series
T106 timer wiring

T-106 timer: Single-pole Normally Closed

Normally Closed means the circuit is turned ON, and power is available to run Load.
When timer activates, the circuit is turned OFF

Move clock motor wires from A-3 to A-1
control water heater with T106 timer
Larger image

T-106 timer changes water heater temperature

Use timer for two different temperatures on electric water heater.

Either upper thermostat andelement have power or lower thermostat and element have power. But not both at same time.

Install ECO-protected thermostat for lower thermostat.
Both upper and lower parts of tank are ECO-protected from overheating
Rewire tank so upper and lower parts are separate.
Use T106 timer to switch power between lower and upper parts of tank.

Normal operation, the lower thermostat and element receive power and keep tank at temperature set point. Upper thermostat and element have no power.
This is called 'redundant' water heater operation. This technique for heating tank more rapidly after cold water first enters tank.
How to wire thermostats

When timer activates, power to lower part of tank turns OFF. Power to upper part of tank begins. Upper thermostat is set for higher temperature.
Since tank is at regular temperature, the higher setting means upper element will turn ON and begin heating tank to higher set point.

Use this technique to heat water very hot for laundry cycle.
Disadvantage: The lower part of tank will cool rapidly as new cold water enters tank, so this technique is good for making short-term batches of hot water.
This technique applies to other timers:
Intermatic GM40 timer
Intermatic WHQ timer
Tork DTU40 timer
GE 15207 series timers

T-106 clock motor 240 volt (208-277)

WG1573 for 60 Hz 208-277V Amazon

T106 timer clock motors

Intermatic clock motor >>>>> Intermatic clock motor

T-102 timer changed to 24 Volts

CW1570 for 60 Hz 24V at Aplus

T-106 changed to 120 Volts

WG1570 for 60 Hz 120V at Amazon

Change T-106 changed to 60Hz to 50 Hz

WG1571-10D motor for 50 Hz 120Volt
WG1574-10D motor for 50Hz 208-277V Amazon

T-106 changed to 480 Volts

WG1576 for 60 Hz 480V at Amazon
How to replace Intermatic clock motor
156T1961A tripper


Dial can have 12 sets ON-OFF trippers
156T1978 trippers Amazon
124T1952 Insulator
Larger image

124T2411A insulator pk 25


124T1952 double-pole T103, T104, T106
124T1952 double-pole T173, T174, T176

124T1952 at Amazon
124T2411A black rigid

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Nema 1 indoor enclosure/ 
To convert to 208-277V operation, replace WG1570 clock motor with WG1573 clock motor
How to wire Intermatic T106 timer: How to wire T106 timer
Nema 3R indoor-outdoor enclosure
To convert to 120V operation, replace WG1573 clock motor with WG1570 clock motor
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