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Recirculation off delay timer
Recirculating system is made
There are several ways to control recirculating system
Skylink remote control countdown timer
Skylink wireless countdown
Skylink wireless countdown
Estimate 1/3 Hp
120V 60 Hz/ 10 watt miminum/ 1500 watt
Operate as ON-OFF or Countdown device/ Up to 500 feet
15 minute - 60 minute countdown

Wireless wall mount transmitter TB-318 at Amazon
Wireless countdown receiver PA-318 at Amazon
Transmitter and receiver
PA-318 manual
off-delay timer for recirculation system Load
Max load on off-delay timer is 1 amp.
120Volt 100 watt light bulb = .83 amps
Volts x amps = watts
Must use contactor

How it works:
Push doorbell button. Activates timer. Timer turns ON and begins countdown. Timer terminals 1 and 2 are opened. This causes contactor coil to energize. Circuit to recirculation pump is ON.
When countdown expires, terminals 1 and 2 are closed, contactor coil is de-energized, pump turns OFF.
How to wire AH3 delay timer

Project materials:
Example 50' thermostat wire at Amazon

Example 24 Vac transformer at Amazon

Contactor with 120Volt coil At Amazon
                 More contactor illustrations

                 More off delay and pin timer illustrations

Push button plate Amazon
ST01C timer controls 120Volt delay-off-timer
Activate off-delay timer using push button -or- using ST10 timer
Push button, or ST01, activates delay timer.
Push button gives momentary on-off to activate delay timer
When ST01 turns ON and then OFF, then delay timer activates
Delay timer turns Load ON
Delay timer begins countdown.
When countdown expires, delay timer turns Load Off
How to wire AH3 delay timer

6A855 Solid State timer at Amazon
11-pin plug-in base at Amazon
Contactor with 120volt coil
ST01 battery-operated timer
6A855 Manual
More off-delay timers
remote control countdown timer
Larger image
Remote control countdown timer
6A855 Solid State timer at Amazon
11-pin plug-in base at Amazon
General purpose relay
Woods 32555 at Amazon
GE at Amazon
Wireless remote controls at Amazon
Replacement A23 battery at Amazon

Select recirculation pump
See analog plug-in timers
See remote controls
Water heater recirculation system
WeMo switch WeMo Module
Control water heater with WeMo
Buy from my associate links:
WeMo switch
WeMo at Amazon
Belkin WeMo at Amazon

Unlocked smartphone
Unlocked smartphone

Buy from my associate links:
12-2 gauge/ 20 amp
12-3/ 20 amp

10-2 gauge/ 30 amp
10-3/ 30 amp
NMB is house wiring
UF is underground
Match wire and breaker size
6x6x4 box

6x6x4 Box with cover
Metal box comes with knock-outs
Plastic box/ drill 3/4" for 1/2' knock out
Buy from my associate links
6x6x4 metal enclosure
6x6x4 PVC plastic enclosure
2-Pole 40A resistive
Rated 1 million operations
Inrush 27 watts, 7 watt operation
Buy from my associate links
120Volt coil At Amazon
240Volt coil At Amazon

Other contactors
Mars 2-pole and 3-pole
3-pole contactors
Read more about contactors
Decora wall-plates
Decora wall-plates

Buy from my associate links
Decora wall-plates
Decora wall-plates
Decora wall-plates

Wire less transmitter TC-318 Skylink
At Amazon
3-button remote control transmitter TC-318-3
At Amazon
Wireless wall mount transmitter TB-318
At Amazon
Wireless on-off receiver MR-318 hardwire 300 watt
At Amazon
Wireless on-off receiver MR-318 plug-in 1500 watt
At Amazon

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