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How to add Amazon link to WordPress

This page is about adding Amazon link code to WordPress or any website where you do not have access to the website's HTML code.

Without access to the website code, or if you don't know how to edit web code, you can still make Amazon links
Assume you are an Amazon affiliate or Amazon associate
Go to associate center and enter search terms in the search bar

Search results might show one item or show several items
You can choose one item and get the link for that item by pressing 'get link button' located to right of that product.

Or you can get a link that shows all items

The steps in this tutorial show you how to add that link to a website where you do not have access to the website code. 
Quick note: 
1. Open the text document that shows on following link

2. Save my text document to your computer if you want... because it is already in a Notepad in event your computer does not have Notepad.
Just be aware.... Notepad can carry malicious code into your computer... although I am NOT doing that.

3. This is the
exact code that you need to make Amazon link codes for a website where you do not have access to code

4. Notice the ssssssss ... this is the location where you will paste the Amazon code in later steps

<meta content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"
1. Or to avoid the risk of malicious software.... copy the same code here, and paste into your own text document..... The code must remain exactly as it appears.

2. It must be pasted into Notepad text document or pasted into other code-capable software like Word.
: Wordpad, Notepad, Email, google docs, Word, Open office etc

3. Notice the ssssssss ... this is the location where you will paste the Amazon code in later steps
This shows the Amazon associates central page

. Example search for 'water heater shut off valves'
Always an exciting product to offer on your Wordpress site.
Results show several items to choose from.

2. Let's say you want to add a link to your Wordpress website that shows all the choices and not just a single item

3. To get a link, press 'get link button' located to the right of 'Top results from

Larger image
After you press 'get link button' then the Amazon's 'Get HTML' page opens.
What is HTML?  HTML is web code... but you do not need to know how to write web code... you just need to know how to copy-paste.

1. On the 'Get HTML' page, there are tabs where you can select one of 3 options:  'text code'   'image only,' or    'add to widget'
Press 'text only' tab

2. We are going to get the HTML code for text-only

3. Enter the name of your link. This is the name you want to call your link and it can be changed later
For example I entered: water heater shut off valve

4. Click button and highlight the code that appears in the window

5. Hover mouse over hightlighted code, right-click mouse and Copy code that appears in the window
1. Paste the Amazon code over the sssssss in the text document

2. Nothing should appear between <body> and </body> except the Amazon code

The sssssss must be gone.

Make sure 
<body> and </body> appear exactly as shown, and there are no missing < > / symbols etc
It must be exactly as shown.

Note the code:  target="_blank"... this ensures that the link will open in another tab, and not open in place of your website.
If you want the link to open in a separate small box, that web code appears on following webpage: How to add pop up window
1. Save the text document in .html format

2. How to do this: type in whatever title you want on the text document and then type in .html
I used Amazon-link-code.html

3.The title is not important
Important thing is the .html
It must be saved in .html and not .txt

4. Save the .html file

If needed, go to document properties on your computer, and put check mark in 'show extensions' .... or websearch 'how to show file extensions' so you can see the .txt, .jpg .html extension at end of each type of file'
1. Locate the HTML file on your computer
2. Double click icon to open a browser
Now your HTML file is open in the browser

Next you want the link so that you can put that link into WordPress

There are two ways to get the link:

1. Click on the link and it opens another page and you copy that URL

2. Right click on the link and select copy link location

Both methods result with the hyperlink on your clipboard so that you can paste it into the proper place in WordPress or Word document or website where links can be added

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