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Kichler transformers and manuals

Why buy professional grade transformer.
1. Longer warranty.
2. Professional grade transformers are multi-tap .... they have selectable voltage (12-13-14 volt) ....so you can extend distance of wire, control number of bulbs, and brightness. Always disconnect power when working on transformers or bulbs. Use correct wire for selected distance. Larger wire is always bet choice.
3. Replaceable photo sensor option, or timer option
4. On the large models, you can use any timer, 24 hour, 7-day, repeat cycle, auto-off, dawn-dusk. Simply plug timer into outlet located on the inside of the Kichler, then plug the cord into timer. See timers
5. Kichler has built-in protection circuit
12 volt output
Thermal reset
10204BK 300 watt /Amazon

10205BK 150 watt

10206BK 600 watt
Kichler 10204BK
24 volt output
Thermal reset
10208BK 300 watt /Amazon

10209BK 600 watt

10219BK minimum 300 watt max 1200 watt
Kichler 15M100AZT
12-13-15 V output
15M100AZT /at Amazon 
... choose 100 to 600 watt/ bronze/ manual operation/

No timer or photocell outlet
Kichler 15PL600AZT
12-13-14-15 V output
15PL600AZT/ at Amazon
... choose 100 to 900 watt bronze/ outlets for optional timer and photcell

15PL75AZT 75 watt
Kichler 15PR100SS
12-13-14-15 V output
15PR200SS at Amazon/
... choose 100 to 1200 watt pro stainless/ outlets for optional timer and photocell 
12-13-14-15 V output
15PRD600SS at Amazon
15PRD600SS/ pro series
2 in 1 transformer
... outlets for 2 timers and 2 photocells
Kichler 15PR75SS
12Volt output
15PR75SS / 75 watt with timer

600 watt at Amazon

Paradise/ Kichler
dawn-dusk 12V
1 yr warranty

Kichler 60 watt
Paradise 100 watt
Moonrays 120 watt
Kichler 15565BK photoeye
Photocell for Kichler transformer
Use this when transformer is located in area that is naturally dark at night

15565BK photocell Amazon
Kichler Photocell
Kichler photocell with long cord
Use this for when if transfomer is located near a light source or when you want a remotely located photoeye.

15534BK remote photocell / 10' cord / at Amazon
15565BK manual/ pdf
15534BK remote photocell manual/ pdf
Low voltage light
Any brand low voltage light will work with Kichler transformer

Kichler low voltage lighting

Paradise lighting
Moonrays lighting
Malibu lighting
Kichler lights and transformers at Amazon

Kichler 25 feet cable white
Kichler 100 feet black 12 gauge at Amazon

General Kichler manual
Kichler sell sheet
Kichler sell sheet 2
Sell sheet 3
Low voltage wires

Low voltage wire
If cable is too small in diameter or too long, it will not carry enough electricity to power the lights.
600 watt and 900 watt power packs use 2 separate wires.
All other power packs use 1 wire.
12 gauge wire is larger, and carries longer distance than 14 gauge.
For transformers rated 12-13-14 volt, then use 12 gauge wire.
Low voltage wire cannot be used for household 120-240 volt because it is not power-rated for 600 volts like household wire.

Buy wire:
Low voltage cable
Wire size chart
Intermatc PX series wire chart
low voltage wire connector
Light connectors:

Always unplug power pack or disconnect power source when working on bulbs.

This to protect power pack from surge and uneven voltage draw that affects electric field around transformer... which can shorten life of tranformer.

If one light is not working, then disconnect power from transformer, take apart and clean connection, and shift connection point 1" away on wire. If all lights are not working, then disconnect power until lights can be checked out. Do Not leave transformer powered up without load because this can shorten life of transformer.
Buy connectors:
Low voltage cable connectors
Wire splice at Amazon

Use this timer for 7-day programmable. Plugs into outlet inside Kichler timer
7-day Programmable timers
Woods 59366 timer
Use this timer for 24 hour programmable. Plugs into outlet inside Kichler timer
24-hour programmable timers
Intermatic P1121
Use this timer for transformers that do not have interior plug or photoeye.
24-hour programming.
Outdoor timers
Westinghouse 00453 timer
Use this timer for transformers that do not have interior plug or photoeye. Auto-on and auto off.
Auto on-off Outdoor timers
PX series transformers119T86A transformer
PX series/ Multi tap 12-13-14-15 volt
Nema 4x harsh environment enclosure
Intermatic PX series 300-600-900 watt transformers
Waterproof enclosure
12-13-15 volt for longer distance and more control
Use 12 gauge cable/ 6 knock-outs for conduit
1 year warranty
Intermatic Nema 4X transformer
119T340 300 watt stand-alone multi-tap transformer
Illustration of wiring

1) Select transformer wattage before buying

Select a transformer that matches as closely as possible to the total lamp wattage.
For example, if you have 11 fixtures all rated at 24.4 watts, you will need a 300 watt (VA) transformer (11 x 24.4 = 268.4 watts).
Generally, the total lamp load should not be less than one-third the transformers wattage rating, nor exceed its maximum wattage capacity.
If your total wattage is too high, either divide the load between two transformers, or use a more powerful transformer

2) You can use any ordinary 3-prong plug-in timer to control transformer

A) Unplug short power cord located on front of transformer.
B) Plug ordinary 120Volt timer into receptacle where short cord was plugged.
C) Plug short power cord into timer
D) Set timer following instructions provided with timer
General Kichler manual

3) Or,,, You can use Kichler photoeye control transformer (instead of timer)

15565BK manual/ pdf
15534BK remote photocell manual/ pdf

4) Connect low-voltage wires to Kichler transformer

Kichler transformers have selectable 12-13-14-15 volt output.
To select voltage, connect 1 wire to COM terminal, and connect other wire to choice of 12 thru 15 volts
Output selection depends on total watts of lights, size and length of wire going to lights, and household voltage output.

If household voltage is low (80-90% rated value), use 15V output.
If total watts of lights is less than half transformer rating, use 13V

For brighter lights use 15V.
For longer wire going to lights, use 15V
Total watts of lights should not be less than 1/3 transformer rating. Nor exceed transformer rating.

For models with timer outlet... plug in ordinary 2-prong wall timer
For models with photcell outlet, buy 15565BK at Amazon
For remote photocell, 10' cord, buy 15534BK at Amazon

5) Plug transformer into 120Volt outlet

Timer plugs into 120Volt outlet
Must use GFCI protected outlet   How to wire GFCI

Kichler manuals and resources

Kichler 15PL600AZT

Kichler manuals/ resources
Kichler sell sheet
Kichler sell sheet 2
Sell sheet 3

10204BK 300 watt instruction manual/ pdf
15PR75SS instruction sheet/ pdf
15PR600-SS instruction manual/ pdf
15TPE600 instruction manual/ pdf
10204BK manual

Kichler warranty/ pdf


Paradise 100 watt manual

Kichler 10204BK
Hardwire models
Kichler wiring/ pdf

Kichler transformers at Amazon
Low voltage power packs Intermatic/ Malibu/ Portfolio/ Moonrays/ Paradise transformers and manuals
How to wire Kichler transformer

Kichler 15PL600AZT

How to wire Kichler transformer

One wire is always connected to COM terminal
Choose which terminal to connect other wire to.

600 watt and 900 watt transformers will have two sets of terminals. Will have two COM terminals etc.

Split lighting load into equal parts, so halve of lights are connected to one cable and half to other cable.
Then connect each cable to different set of terminals.
How to wire Kichler transformer/pdf
Kichler wiring/ pdfKichler transformer wiring
Kichler wiring/ pdf

Example Hardwire transformer wiring

Kichler 10204BK
Kichler sell sheet and wiring/ pdf

PX series transformers
Compare with Intermatic PX series hardwire transformer
See PX series
Low voltage wire chart

Wire charts

Intermatic low voltage wire  PX series transformers
Chart applies to Intermatic PX series transformer See PX series
Kichler will work with any brand wire

Buy wire:
Kichler 25 feet cable white
Kichler 100 feet black 12 gauge at Amazon
Low voltage cable / different lengths and gauge /Amazon
Coleman cable 12-2 50 foot cable at Amazon
Coleman cable 12-2 100 foot cable at Amazon
Intermatic 12-2 100 foot cable at Amazon
Coleman 250 feet 12-2 at Amazon
Buy connectors:
Malibu Wire connector at Amazon
Malibu connector
Paradise connector
Moonrays connector at Amazon
Universal wire splice at Amazon
Malibu timer cable lengths Intermatic low voltage wire  Malibu-ML200RTW
Chart applies to Intermatic series 12V transformer  See ML series
Kichler will work with any brand wire
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Intermatic control centers Intermatic control centers:
+ manuals and parts

Including Z-wave
box timers Compare box timers

Control water heater w/ Z-wave
programmable timer Compare programmable timers

Control water heater with programmable wall timer
Countdown timers Compare countdown timers

Control water heater with countdown timer
Compare power packs

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