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Turn off power to gas water heater

Turn off 120 volt to gas water heater

Many gas water heaters are cnnected to 120 volt outlet.
Generally the requirement is directly plugging water heater into dedicated outlet that serves no other use.
Correct polarity and proper ground is also required.
If outlet is not grounded, the water heater gas control vlave might not function as expected.
Noah asks:
I am interested in turning off a gas water heater when not used for extended periods of time. your website shows a product that will rotate the temperature control knob to vacation mode and to the desired set temperature according to a predetermined schedule.

HOWEVER,  why not just use a conventional electric outlet timer to switch power to the gas water heater control unit?
obviously, it would have to be an electronic ignition (not pilot light) system. i have seen modern gas water heaters that are powered by plugging into a conventional 120v outlet.

my concern is what kind of potential stress/damage might happen if this was done? for example, one never turns off their computer by unplugging from the wall outlet because this would eventually mess up the IC chips and electronics with voltage spikes, transients, etc. if a modern gas water heater also has a computer, would cycling its power on and off from its plug (rather than its own on/off switch) also cause the same harm?
Note that electronic timers do not fully turn power OFF. They more or less alter the electric waveform so the device will not function.

Mechanical timers and mechanical relays and mechaical contactors have an actual switch that disconnects electricity.
Gene says:
I have thought of same idea for gas water heaters with 120V power source....
.... and wondered same thing as you....
What affect? Short term? Long term?
Especially if using electronic timer instead of mechanical timer///

Basically you would be causing a power outage...
... followed by exposing water heater control to a possible surge...
Over time, I assume this would reduce the lifespan???
Noah says,
great minds think alike,
safest solution, just add more insulation
Gene says.
Yes true.
LOL. Newest water heaters are larger because the manufacturer add more insulation to meet energy standards....
.... after years of telling us the tank needed no additional insulation....
Wall outlet surge protector
Note: new electronci gas water heaters are not protected from surge.
Simple power outage can cause surge that will damage or burn out gas control valve etc.
Install surge protection outlet. This is called a Type 3 device.
A line can have as multiple surge protection devices. So main box can have surge, plus additional surge on outlet. Why add more surge protection? Generally the farther away the surge protector, the less protection... because surge from nearby lightning can energize any point on the wire.
15 amp surge suppressor receptacle
Leviton J-box surge protection kit
15 amp duplex surge protector
20 amp commercial surge protector
Surge protection sell sheet
Outlet surge supression manual
Surge protection outlet manual
How to install gas water heater
How to wire whole house surge protector
Outlet polarity Buy:
Outlet tester
Outlet polarity If gas water heater is short-cycling or having problems, check outlet polarity

Outlet tester
Gas control valve:
Example honeywell gas control valve at Amazon
Reliance NG at Amazon
Replacement instructions
How to replace water heater gas valve

Adjust temperature/ error codes on Honeywell
Range 90 to 156, Hot is 120 F // Very Hot 156, ECO limit 199 F

Troubleshoot resources

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