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Sensory deprivation tank wiring

Outdoor safety switch

Non-fused safety switch

Requires no fuse
Ok to use more amp rating than load.
So if you have 20 amp 1 Hp motor, you can use 30 amp or 60 amp safety switch
If you have 30 amp water heater, you can use 30-60 amp safety switch
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2-pole outdoor / 60 amp/ non-fusable
2-pole outdoor / 60 amp/ non-fusable
2-pole outdoor / 30 amp/ non-fusable
Safety switches at Amazon
Heavy duty safety switches at Amazon

Subpanel with 8 spaces

120-240 VoltBuy indoor
8-space up to 100 amp
Subpanels at Amazon

Buy indoor/ outdoor:
8-space/ up to 125 amps

Surge protector/ 2 spaces

240V 150 VAC
HOM2175SB at Amazon
Whole house surge protectors at Amazon

Snap-on breaker use Homeline QO2175SB for square D QO-type panels
240 volt GFCI breaker

Siemens 240 volt GFCI circuit breakers/ 2 spaces

20 amp 240 volt GFCI breaker
120 volt GFCI breaker 120 volt GFCI breaker

Siemens 120 volt GFCI circuit breakers/ 1 space each

20 amp 120 volt GFCI breaker
QOU din rail mount breakers
20 amp single pole
20 amp 2-pole
THC15A 120 volt din rail timer
sensory tank deprivation wiring
AH3 off delay timer

Omron H3CR-A8 delay timer without base

100-240 volt / 120 volt off delay timer/ 1 second to 300 hour
Rated 3 amp @ 240 volt or 6 amp @ 120 volt
120 volt AH3-3 at Amazon
Off-delay relays at Amazon
120 volt delay relays at Amazony
Omron H3CR-A8 1 second to 300 hour at Amazon
H3CR series sell sheet with timer modes/ pdf
Countdown timers and manuals

Heavy-duty relay

Optional box and cover for magnecraft

Recommend this relay for motors exceeding 120 volt 1 HP/ 240 volt 2 HP
Magnecraft relay with NO NC terminals 120 volt coil or 24 volt coil
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Magnecraft box and cover
magnecraft w199 relays at Amazon
Siemens power relays at Amazon

How to reverse motor with switch
Difference between contactor and relay
Relays for DC motors and solar panels
Control motor with 2 switches
Start two motors at different times