How to bond electric panel

Bond all outdoor panels to ground
All phone, satellite, pool equipment, solar systems and electric panels must be grounded. Check local electric codes.
What does Bond mean?
Drive ground rod 8-10 feet into soil as per local code (different soils have different resistance and thus local codes vary). Connect or Bond #6-8 bare copper wire to ground rod and to all outdoor electric equipment, including pumps, motors, subpanels, timers, satellite equipment, phone, antenna and PV solar panels and to solar glycol systems including pipes on roof.
Ground must be connected to ground rod. Do NOT ground electric system to household water pipes. Stray current corrosion can cause pipes to deteriorate., or cause uncertain bond to ground because of plastic pipes. Nothing is more unreliable than poor grounding connection.

Electrical subpanels installed outdoors or in distant buildings should have a separate ground rod ... local codes vary. For example, outdoor pool equipment should have a separate ground rod. Satellite dish or antenna should have ground rod.
All ground rods should be wired together if possible to give best protection from lightning and power surge.
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Bonding lugs

Why you need ground
Ground loop
How to install subpanel
How to wire transfer switch

Add 120-240 volt GFCI/AFCI to outdoor electric panel

main lug with GFCI

240Volt GFCI
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