What material is high voltage wire

Electric supply trailer
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3 general types of material:

Aluminum wire 

Aluminum-alloy steel wire

Steel core for strength, wrapped with aluminum for durability and cost

This design of stranded wire is called concentric round, since each strand is the identical, each is round, and cable is round
Wire size and material is a balance of cost and performance
For example, copper wire might be a better conductor for transmission and distribution...
... but copper wire is too expensive, and too soft for long spans between poles.

Aluminum wire is strong and relatively inexpensive, and it performs the job, so it is better choice than copper.

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power generation
Book: 'With development of new solid state technology, high voltage transmission of DC power (HVDC) has become more attractive.
DC transmission may be advantageous vrs AC transmission for more than 500 Km overhead line, and 50 Km underground line' Singh

Co-generation is growing market as demand for reliable energy grows.
Book by Singh covers the basics, and the engineering math. Future business and industry leaders should be aware of the complexity and variability of electricity.

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