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How to wire zwave contactor
GE z-wave contactor GE Z-wave contactor

120 - 208 - 240 - 277 volt
40 amp
Range 50' indoor, 100' sight line outdoor.
Min temperature 4F Max temperature 104F
1 channel operation
Metal outdoor box/ Nema3R
Different brands interoperate with other brands zwave
GE z-wave contactor
Zwave from GE
Zwave from Leviton
Zwave from Aeon

GE z-wave manual
smartthings hub
SmartThings Hub
Zwave requires a hub ... and the hub lets you control zwave using phone or other hand held device
SmartThiungs is a popular brand
Smarthings says: "Ethernet-connected Hub plugs directly into Internet router and supports ZigBee, Z-Wave as well as IP-accessible devices."

SmartThings Hub
More brands Zwave hubs
GE z-wave wiring 120-208-240-277 volt
GE z-wave wiring 120 volt/ 2 loads
Same wiring applies to 120-208-240-277 volt
GE z-wave wiring
GE z-wave wiring
Two loads, each same voltage
Same wiring applies to 120-208-240-277 volt
Control 240 volt with z-wave
Larger image
Control 240 volt with wi-fi switch
240 Volt Z-wave switch
Requires Neutral wire. Use ground wire as temporary neutral to check connection. Bring white neutral wire from any nearby light switch or outlet box

GE zwave
Zwave from Leviton

See materials list and detailed wiring

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