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Connect tankless to subpanel
double-pole breaker
QP type
2" wide Push down breaker
Plug-in breakers
Fits residential panels
Fits subpanels above
Buy double-pole:
Siemens 15-125 amp
Square D 30 amp breaker

Double pole GFCI

Buy indoor 120-240 volt:
100 amp 6 space
100 amp 8-space
125 amp 8-space
125 amp 8-space
125 amp 8-space
200 amp 20 space
Subpanels at Amazon
Main lug

Buy outdoor/ from my affiliate links: 120-240 Volt

70 amp 2-space
60-100-200 amp 2-space
125 amp 8-space

Subpanels at Amazon
Up to 125 amps
breaker base

Breaker base
60 amp 4 breaker
125 amp 8 breaker

124TP2608A 4 breaker spaces
124T2530A 8 breaker spaces
Install subpanel for Tankless electric
Larger image of 240 Volt subpanel
Image of 120V-240V subpanel
240 Volt Subpanel for Tankless electric
***White Neutral wire is not needed for 240Volt breakers.
Ground wire arriving from main panel can be connected to busbar at top of subpanel, or install a separate ground busbar lower on panel. Keep ground wires away from Hot connections and Hot busbars.
Sometimes it is easier to add ground busbar near bottom of subpanel so ground wires can be kept away from Hot connections.

Illustration shows how to install subpanel for adding more breakers to main panel
With tankless electric, install 150amp breaker/ replace any 2-pole breaker close to top of panel
Use 2/0 wires with 150 amp breaker
2/0 copper wire between main panel and subpanel, up to 100 feet.
Install 3 40-amp breakers in subpanel to supply each of three 240Volt #8 wires going to Tankless.
Read nameplate on Tankless for watt rating.
#8 wire for 240Volt loads up to 7680 watts
Use 50 amp breaker and #6 wire for 240volt loads above 7680 and less than 9600 watts
For example tankless with single wiring terminal, might require 9600 watts or more
How to install subpanel

*Neutral wire is not needed if subpanel is NOT going to have 120volt breakers.

Place subpanel within eyesight of Tankless to avoid disconnect requirement
Disconnect lets electrician cut power to Tankless unit.
Disconnect is for safety. Electrician or homeowner knows for certain when power is OFF.
Never touch leaking water heater or wet water heater unless power is OFF
Never run water pipes directly above tankless where leaking and condensation can drip on water heater.
If tankless flooded, disconnect power and replace water heater

Larger image
Option: Install meter on 120-240V subpanel
***White Neutral wire not needed for 240Volt breakers.
Neutral wire only necessary for 120Volt breakers
Illustration shows Neutral wire in event you want a 120V-240 subpanel
Meter will read all voltage that passes to subpanel

New and used electric meters
Buy subpanel:
Main lugs at Amazon
Siemens 125 amp/ 8 space at Amazon
Siemens 125 amp/ 12 space at Amazon

How to install electric meter on water heater or subpanel
How to get electric service
Power cut-off -or- disconnect
30 amp safety cut off


Electrical Code may require disconnect at Tankless unit, if Tankless installation is not within view of  main breaker box
Call local electrician for specific local code

Buy non fused safety switch:
60 amp 2-pole safety switch
Pullout Disconnect at Amazon
Fusable pullout disconnect
2-pole 30 amp non-fusable safety switch/ power cut-off
2-pole 60 amp non-fusable safety switch

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How to wire safety disconnect
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