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How to wire WiOn relay

40 amp Wifi relay

Woods 50054

Wifi relay
Larger image

WiFi Contactor/ WiFi relay

WiOn from Woods

Woods 50054/ 30-40 amp DPDT

Auto detect voltage/ 120, 208, 240, 277 volt
Outdoor metal box with 3 knockouts for 1/2" or 3/4", located on sides and bottom.
Illustration shows test wire at my house before installation.
NO NC terminals/ DPDT

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Woods WiOn contactor from Amazon

Test, then install.
120 volt  test wiring was done outside using extension cord ... so I could check wifi reception .,... before attaching to structure and hardwiring with 240 volt.

Nema3R weather-resistant enclosure is solid construction, with a metal latch.
Do not expose to direct sunlight or high heat.
Always locate enclosure at least 12" above anticipated snowfall.
Attach WiOn and wires to solid structure so wiring cannot be torn loose.
For longest lifespan of product, install in sheltered area, not exposed to harsh weather.
Wifi contactor
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240 volt wiring

See more wiring options

Wifi contactor
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120 volt wiring

See more wiring options
woods 50054 wifi contractor

Steps for setting up Woods 50054 WiOn Contactor/ WiFi relay

Connect power wires to Terminals L and N. Device auto-detects voltage. Green light turns ON.
Download WiOn App on phone. App shows steps: go to settings and include the device into wifi router. 
Then go back to app and go to next screen. The WiOn device icon should appear on the screen. Touch the round icon and it will turn device on-off and will show if device is ON or OFF.
Steady blue light indicates wifi signal

ALWAYS use reset button and reset device to clear any prior issues.
More than one phone can be connected.
If device falls off wifi, the icon located on phone app will disappear.
Blinking blue light means no wifi connection... use reset button, and/or try different location.
After wifi is established, the blue light will be continually ON.
Note: after the WiOn is added to wifi network, the wifi connection that showed in phone settings during initial connection is no longer visible... which apparently means there is good connection between phone and device.
Before final installation of the device, check if the location has good wifi reception. This is why my photo shows test wiring.
wion ground connection

WiOn ground connection

Use supplied ground connection or tap 10-32 hole and install your own ground screw
Make sure ground wires are pushed down and away from other wires.
Why you need ground

wifi contactor
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Alternative method

Wifi contactor

Zwave contactor 

Control 240 volt with Wifi or Zwave

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Wifi switch by Woods Wion
Z-wave switch

Bud industries 6x6x4 best value
Hinged box
120Volt coil 2-pole contactor At Amazon

Supply list + assembly instruction
Contactor specs
Compare types of enclosures
Wire size

Zwave contactor installation 

6x6x4 enclosure or pull box attached to wall
Contactor installed inside enclosure
120 volt connected to z-wave switch, z-wave controls contactor coil, contactor turns 240 volt water heater on-off
Supply list and assembly instruction

Don't get electrocuted.

Always good advice.
Outdoor electrical equipment CANNOT be wired with live power.
Turn power off.... Never ever ever stand on damp soil or surface and touch electrical device.... never ever touch electrical device that is wet or got wet. To prevent electrocution, put down dry boards to stand on .... test for power using non-contact voltage tester. Use two different ones, since they're probably made in China. Then proceed with caution. More people are killed from 120 volts than any other voltage... never assume power is off, or that household 120-240 volt cannot kill you.... because it can. The power can grab and hold on to you... always have helper (wife) stand nearby and knock you loose with 2x4. She cannot touch you or both will get stuck to the power. Get medical help immediately if shocked or burned. Do not treat electric burn with water. Read first aid manual beforehand.

Multimeters at Amazon
Buy non-contact voltage tester at Amazon
Electric testers at Amazon

How to test if water heater electricity is OFF
Intermatic compressor defender

Install Type1 - Type2 surge protector

Electronic devices in home are not protected from surge.
Surge can be nearby lightning strike or simple power outage or brownout.
Other causes can be inductive appliances such as air conditioner, or if electric power distribution line coming to house has a lot of industrial or commercial 3-phase loads, and power the line does not have a capacitor bank to balance and offset inductive disturbance.

Surge protector located next to the device will protect better than surge located farther away... you can install multiple surge protection on same line, for example one surge in main breaker box, another surge on outdoor AC, one for WiOn, and one for shop equipment in garage etc... plus surge power strips for TV etc...  Individual appliances are especially affected by surge damage from lightning. This is because lightning can energize any section of wire.
Highly recommend surge protection for outdoor AC unit. When AC unit turns on, it causes a voltage disturbance that travels across the line to other appliances. The inductive disturbance is a type of surge. With the advent of energy-saving, staged motors, the surge caused by the AC appliance is reduced, but the appliance is more susceptible to damage from external surge such as line noise, other appliances, and lightning etc.

How to wire Type1 Type2 surge protectors
Read about distribution capacitors
10-3-wire  12 Ga

10 gauge or 12 gauge?

10 gauge is larger/ for 30 amp breaker. 12 gauge is smaller/ for 20 amp breaker
10 gauge wire can have black-white or black-red
12 gauge will have black and white wires

Buy short pieces 10 and 12 gauge wire at local box store
Compare with your wire.
Match color code and amp rating for wire
Romex connector

Loose wires are dangerous... Use wire connectors, or conduit clamps to secure wire to enclosure

By code, all wire must be securely attached to enclosure to prevent wire pull-out.
Wires or conduit must be secured to structure, so there are no loose wires.
Wires inside the enclosure cannot lay over top of connection terminals. Best if all wires are slightly separated from each other.
Join all ground wires together and cover with wire connector... connect ground wire to ground screw. 
Push ground wires down-and-away from connection terminals and other wires.
WiOn outdoor enclosure has 3 knock outs for 1/2" or 3/4" wire connectors 1 on bottom, 1 on each side.
More enclosures

clean and straighten wire ends

Fire safety

Use only solid copper wire, and no insulation under screw plate.

Max 2 wires under screw plate

Both wires same gauge
Straighten wire ends. Clean old wire with sandpaper, or cut back and strip undamaged wire.

Do not use stranded wire, it will come loose with heat expansion and overheat and cause burning. Turn stranded wire into solid wire by soldering stranded wire.

Always keep enclosure (box) cover closed
Insdulation under screw plate
Larger image

Max 2 wires under screw plate

Both wires MUST be same gauge
Straighten each wire 
Tighten screw very tight against copper wire

Larger image

No stranded wire under screw terminals

Connect stranded and solid with wire connector and run jumper to screw plate. 
Or add solder to stranded wire to make solid.
See example image

Stranded wire is Good for compression terminals
add solder to stranded wire

Fire caused by stranded wire

Do not use stranded wire under screw plate

Add solder to 1" length of tightly twisted stranded wire to make into solid wire
Heat wire. Touch solder to wire. Let cool. File away over-solder.

Prevent fire by installing arc fault breaker

soldering guns

Timer caught fire
How to wire arc fault circuit breaker

Fire inside timer caused by stranded wire

Keep enclosure door closed at all times
Do not use stranded wire.
Tighten screws very tight against wire. Torque it down.
Timer caught fire

Wifi Vs Zwave

David provided this first-hand analysis:
I'm definitely going the z wave route, given the option.
It tends to be more plug-and-play, at least so far. 

The icing on the cake is that all of my z-wave is controlled by a single app and/or web interface. 
It's a lot easier to maintain and to teach my wife how to use.

Installation overview:
I have my landscape and driveway lights, and now my water heater on Zwave.  
My irrigation timer is WiFi, as there was not much of any other option that was as compelling ....
 ... and for the same reason I have Nest for thermostats.
Buy from my Amazon links
Nest at Amazon
Amazon ECHO to control wifi

Zwave Connectivity:
Zwave  is a mesh network.
All the devices are capable of relaying a signal from any zwave device to another switch until they get back to the hub. 
That makes placement a bit easier. 
Z wave is also much lower power, allowing for battery powered devices that would be quite difficult to accomplish with wifi.

Wifi connectivity:
Wifi can be finicky on connections, whereas z wave seems to be more reliable. 
All wifi devices have to be able to reach the wifi router for their signal,  which can be a problem depending on where the router is installed. 

Each wifi has separate apps. So if you have wifi devices from different manufacturers, then you have the app for each device.
You have to remember which app goes to which device.
Zwave has one hub. All Zwave devices, from any manufacturer will work with hub.
The icing on the cake is that all of my Zwave is controlled by a single app and/or web interface. 
Z-wave is a lot easier to maintain and to teach my wife how to use.

Ease of replacement:
I already had an electronic water heater controller failed much sooner than it should have,
The beauty of using a contactor instead of timer, is that if my Zwave switch fails, all I have to do is replace it at a cost of less that $40. 

Zwave has standard protocol, and devices from any manufacturer will work will all other Zwave devices.
Z wave replacement are reasonable prices.
On the other hand, Wifi is proprietary software, unique to each manufacturer. If manufacturer changes or discontinues product...
... then older devices might stop functioning ... and replacement devices not be available.

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