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2 methods for making curved gradient in photoshop elements

Photoshop Elements
curved gradient in photoshop elements Method 1: Filter > Render > Lighting Effects will add shadow-light effect on object.

Requires the object to be on a separate layer or outlined with Lasso tool.

The effect is somewhat limited and works better on some objects than others.
... but might work for you.

Apply lighting effect
Go to Filter on toolbar > Render > Lighting Effect.
The Lighting Effect was applied using various slide bars as shown on image below.
If one attempt does not look right, use undo, and try different settings.
Rotate your object and see how it appears from different angles.

I discovered the following 2 methods while trying to illustrate marbles to represent electrons for a webpage on electrical resistance.... except my marbles look like planetoids instead of marbles ... but they're round.

How to make the marbles or planetoids
File > new > blank file > select size and RGB color > OK > creates transparent layer > using brush tool,  make black circle on the transparent layer > hold down Ctrl key and click on the layer located in layers window and this puts ants around the object > use brush tool to make several layers of colored lines across black circle > use blur tool to blur each layer of colored line > merge the black layer with layers of blurred color > use various effects from Filter gallery including Artistic, plastic wrap > Adjustments, Photos filter > with final Distort, glass.

This technique for making marbles or planetoids gave more 3-D result than using Filter > Distort > Liquefy.
curved gradient in photoshop elements

Method 2 for making curved gradient

Go to File on toolbar > File > new > blank file > select size and RGB color > OK > creates transparent layer .

Select black as color for gradient.
Click new adjustment layer icon located above layers window > select gradient, OK and create gradient on the transparent layer > right click on gradient layer, select simplify the layer.

Use rectangle marquee to select half the gradient > go to Image on the toolbar > select Transform, Skew >  use skew to move the gradient selection away from outer edge > use select tool again and select a smaller part of gradient and use skew again > repeat until shape is similar to your object >   in my case I was working with a round shape and created a quasi-curve > crop the gradient so only the skewed section shows as shown in image on left .

Duplicate the gradient layer > go to Image on toolbar > select Rotate, flip selection vertical, and now you have two halves of same quasi-curved shape gradient > move so both halves make a whole > hightlight both halves on the layers window, right click, select merge layers to make a single gradient layer.

Place gradient layer over marble > resize to best advantage using move tool > hold down Crtl key and click on marble layer to select just the marble > go to Layers on toolbar and select inverse > select gradient layer > press delete key on keyboard to remove excess gradient around marble > deselect.

Use Eraser tool set to 3% opacity to slowly remove excess gradient from inside the marble.

Last step. make a white spot as highlight for side of marble opposite the dark side.
Set color as white > click Adjustment icon located above Layers window > select gradient > choose Radial as the style > simplify the gradient layer > resize, reposition, and erase to size > use opacity slider located above Layers window to control transparency.

Illustration explains how resistance is like a hill surrounding electrons .... without the hill, the electrons are free to roll away ... or if electrons get piled up higher than the hill they can roll away.
All 5000+ iamges on my website were made using photoshop elements.
Mostly my illustrations are electric and plumbing how-tos with labeled photos interspesed with detailed electrical and plumbing designs.

I posted a few photoshop tutorials.

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Photoshop Elements

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