The note was written in a scrawl
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A story of love, lust and growing up during a forceful time of change in the old south.

The deck of life had nine cards
Love poker heart blood forgive abandon revenge
The truth card was lost
The last card was unknown maybe it was the future
The fate of each card was delivered in a handwritten note

A series of notes are delivered to people, each note representing a card from the deck of life.
It is a time of change in a small 1950's town in deep southern United States, as sharecroppers and town squares are getting pressured by larger economic interests.
The notes arrive at a critical point in each person's life, and alter events in the future.
The fate of one town, and the people who live there, are profoundly affected.
You have a choice, but don't ignore the note.

Table of Contents
1. The Love Card
2. River Boy and Grandpa
3. Smuggling Maggie
4. Churchail
5. Abbeyville Summer Party
6. Joddie
7) Going to town
8) The Forgive Card
9) Maggie goes to Crooks Tail
10) Joddie comes for Sunday lunch
11) Joddie Rescue/ The Heart Card
12) Blacktown murders/ Abigail leaves Blacktown
13) Latchy Gray/ Abandon card
14) Atique store
15) River Boy runs
16) The Deck of Life
17) River Boy meets Churchail
18) The Blood Card
19) Abigail's Mother
20) The Poker Card
21) Joel Finds Joddie
rest of book not posted yet
22) Joel goes to Blacktown/ The Revenge Card
23) Bangin' Gypsy love
24) The Football Game/ The Truth Card

Author page