The note was written in a scrawl
Thomas Churchail is the county commissioner

Chapter 4) Churchail
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Maggie didn’t talk to River Boy at school. She looked forward to those days when he was there so she could ignore him. He saw it.
She hadn’t decided what to do.
She wrote his name in her notebook, then tore it out, daydreamed about his hand on her thigh and imagined kissing him. At night the excitement kept returning to her room and she tried to purge him from her memory. She was going crazy.

Tad lost his luster over the next months. 
They went to the Junior-Senior dance and he didn't even try to kiss her.
She kept comparing him to the excitement she had with River Boy.

Summer came. Her senior year loomed and she expected to have matters settled, but none of the boys approached because of Tad.

Her friends were planning a trip to Abbeyville to attend the annual party at Churchail's plantation-size summer house stocked with maids and butlers. 
The powerhouse glad-hander, Thomas Churchail was full mid-life desperate and running for County Commissioner again. He was backed by the party machine and had his finger in everybody’s wallet that moved through the area. 
The general rumor was that nary a bean could be planted without his approval.

There was a problem with the coming election. People were tired of the same face and same speeches.
Small farmers were getting squeezed out by consolidators. Statewide Bank was raising the rates on small farmers. There was only money if you could plant big acres.
Share croppers, mules and farm workers were being replaced by machines.
Large national interests wanted to end the small regional guys that soaked up public money now.

Politics is about the times in which you live.

The face of the land was changing with wide roads, gas stations, motels, fast cars and rock and roll. 
Sears and Roebuck laid up big parking lots that attracted people away from downtown. 
Woolworth's was pushing back, but town squares were dying out. 
People asked, was it reasonable to skew apart the normal, what they used to call sane and just?

The Democrat machine was reluctant to back Churchail since it looked like he was going to lose. Work was needed to get the vote fixed this time, and it might not be enough.

At the same time, Statewide Bank had a problem with numerous hands reaching in their pockets. The Upstate Boys controlled Churchail, and most the other commissioners around the state. 
Those Boys were causing problems.

Churchail was trying to block Statewide, not because he gave a crap suit about the farmers and small towns. He just wanted a bigger payoff from Statewide Bank. He worked for the coin, as you might realize.
Statewide Bank was part of the national interests, and Churchail qualified as one of those local ass flies that was stopping progress.

The election was the firing point. Statewide put out a hard-punch investigation of Churchail’s bank records ... and decided to back Lever ‘Lanky’ Johnson II.
The New Reform Party nominated Lever ‘Lanky.’ They came up with the slogan “Vote for Clever Lever,” and paid an army of workers to hang his posters on every telephone pole.
Not just that, but young Mr Lanky was good looking and a college math professor. Apparently he had a long slide rule, with which was administered to Mrs Churchail every fourth Wednesday of the month after the New Christian School Board meeting.

Mrs Churchail was fed up with Thomas Churchail’s 
love-lolling for money and young girls. She had taken up with Mr Lanky and his rhythmic upshot of duty between her breaths. She was a bit older and quite familiar with her husband’s business and personal affairs, thinking it would be nice to see him in jail stripes.

The Upstate Boys and the machine politicians were in a power push with Statewide Bank over control of the counties. 
A fight was brewing at every level, including the coming election.
Upstate Boys decided to throw extra weight behind Churchail, and came up with the slogan 'Yankee Lanky.' 
The basis for calling Lanky a Yankee was dubious, since supposedly his mother came from Illinois, the despised home of Lincoln the dictator who whipped the South, when actually it was his sister who moved there. 
No matter the facts, another army of volunteers followed behind Statewide volunteers and pasted the Yankee Lanky slogan over Lanky posters that were hung before. 
That prompted Statewide to re-paste slogans over the Yankee slogan, saying Hail No.

It was quite good for local entertainment, and voters were engaged in gossip, and more so after Mrs Churchail's involvements with Lanky were disclosed at the School Board meeting. Mrs Churchail and friends made wild accusations of slander and walked out of the meeting.

The effort backfired somehow, and increased the popularity of handsome Mr Lanky, especially among women voters.
Moreover, Mrs Churchail
 ended up back with her doting husband whose carryings on were not an issue. 

It had been many years since Churchail ran against opposition, but the fire in his heart was still there. He wanted to win, and needed his wife's help, which was unlikely since she would benefit financially if he went to prison, plus free up spare time for her consummate passion of handling slide rules, seeking ever larger dimension for proper attention. 

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