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YouTube for $10 per month

No advertisements for $10 per month?
Wow.. I'll take 2.

This proves advertisements are killing the internet? Right?
Oh no, just more foolery.

This does NOT mean an end to commercial advertisements on YouTube.
It's just the selling point to get you on-board. Like promising lower taxes... oops your roads don't get repaired and all the money goes offshore.

The YouTube model will stop advertising revenue to the small mom-pop videos and shift revenue to 'those who can get sponsorship,' and big conglomerates like Velo.

Youtube is not going to become netflix.
They say they're going to offer movies (for sale and rent?)
But there can only be 1 carrier that shows the same string of unremarkable movies withouts ads .. and that is netflix and maybe 1-2 other offers.

What does YouTube want you to pay for?
YouTube wants to be a 'content carrier'... like your cable company.

Then the people who post YouTube videos will be able to show their own commercials.
Get it? YouTube will not 'control what is posted on their site.'
Yet they are promoting this as if YouTube will be 'advertisement free'... lol.

Why is this happening?
The internet has changed dramatically last year or so.

Website impressions (views) are up, but engagements (clicks on ads) are down... because you-the-viewer avoid advertisements and dislike lack of privacy.
But the numbers work against you... they know the more ads they push over the top of you... the more impressions they force... and the more often there will be a purchase...
That means consolidation...

But consolidation has been happening for some
http://hometips.me/How-does-Amazon-cheat-affiliates.html time ... so maybe the consolidation of ownership is forcing the change.

After all, the purpose of consolidation is to better target you for advertising ...
... because god knows the purpose of YOU is to purchase a product.

Today's internet is proliferation of targeted advertisements... pop ups on every webpage... affiliations and deals to buy and sell your habits.. reduced and missing content... and endless effort to trick or force you into clicking on something you did not intend.

Yes you lost ownership of the internet... just the same as you lost ownership of radio and tv... and for the same reasons ... advertisement revenue causes consolidation of ownership... and instead of variety you get monotony..

As a result.. YouTube wants you to believe advertisement will end for a mere $10 per month. lol.
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