DOE Propaganda 2017
The US Energy Propaganda Department has research that shows mom-n-pop profits from owning solar panels are a danger to large energy business monopoly ... however, EPD 'research' shows that solar panels are NOT a problem when owned by large monopoly interests who employ a few people to run the robots purchased from overseas that are paid for by you at whatever rate they decide to charge ... thus rendering the will of the people null because robots can make your decisions better than you.
... important to remind folks that selling your electricity back to utility at full retail price is likewise not fair or practical, and it does skew the actual value of electricity if everybody has solar because solar electricity is 'valueless' in the day and 'priceless' at night ... the reverse of electricity today. Moreover rooftop solar installations are way overpriced, and not designed or incentivized to maximize solar harvest. In addition, there are numerous other issues making the problem complex, not the least is lack of integrity in the energy department.
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