Illustration #1 Shows:
Basic connections for pipe, circulator, expansion tank, shut off, check valve, air vent, drain valve, TP valve, tank temperature control.
Optional parts not shown: pressure-reducing valve, pressure gage, temperature gage, backflow preventer, mixing valve, water flow switch, flood sensor shut off.
Parts not shown: Heat Pump condensate drain, floor drain,
drain pan, TP overflow tube termination, earthquake straps, timer for household circulation, GFCI-protected 120 volt connections for circulator pumps, 240 volt 30 amp connection for Heat Pump, electric safety cut off, surge protection.

80 gallon AO Smith Heat Pump and 200 gallon AO Smith Storage tank with circulation system.
Honeywell L4006 temperature controller with electric conduit to circulator.
Use L4006 to control Heat Pump circulator.

Household hot and cold plumbing.
Direct return line circulation system for house.
Use timer to control household circulator.