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COPD Exercises/ Stage 2 COPD

These exercises were given to me by Medicare PT home visit agent, and confirmed by the Medicare nurse,
 and by my pulmonary doctor... stage 2 COPD/ exposure to environmental pollutants and arthritis ... 
... these exercises might apply to you or not... good luck and stay well my friend
copd exercise

COPD Exercise: walking

Exercise is important if doctor advises it.
Exercise includes walking and arm exercises.

Important thing is no straining or breathing too hard.
Take in breath through nose.
Deep breaths.
Exhale breath out through mouth.
Purse lips when exhaling (like a whistle) if you start to feel short of breath.
Clearing throat can help exhale, but can also cause shallow breaths. Slow down.

Keep slow pace.
Don't push yourself.
Build strength slowly.
Do not get exhausted.
Walk a bit and then rest.

Walk on flat smooth floor.
Remove obstacles so there is nothing to trip on.
Keep a chair nearby if you need to sit.
Stop periodically.
Stand straight with shoulders back.
Keep arms at side. Swing arms.
COPD exercises
Doing arm exercises with resistance band
Using flashlight in each hand for weight
Sitting position, back straight
Larger image

COPD Exercise: arm exercise with (optional) Resistance band

Arm exercises while sitting are important if doctor advises it.
Always breathe in slowly-and-deeply. This can help loosen lungs and strengthen shoulders.
Strong chest and shoulders are important for COPD health.
Do arm exercises while seated, with small weight in each hand... flashlights with or without batteries make a good weight that is easy to grip.
The Medicare PT person said, build up to 10 repetitions for each exercise shown below. I do 3 or 4 each.

Green medium resistance band
Red light resistance band
COPD treatment resources
copd exercise
Hold weight in each hand.
Hold arms straight out.
Lean forward while breathing in. Hold position.
Lean forward while breathing out. Hold position.
Do exercises slowly while taking full deep breath.Larger image
copd exercise
Lift one arm and one leg while breathing in slowly. Hold position. Repeat with other arm and leg.
Larger image
copd exercise
Use weight like a flashlight.
Use resistance band (optional)
Wrap resistance band around arm, not on hand and wrist..
Sit straight. Head up.
Larger image
copd exercise
Lift one arm while breathing in slowly. Repeat with other arm.
Use resistance band (optional)
Larger image
copd exercise
Start with arms in front.
Stretch arms wide to expand chest
Larger image
Another image
copd exercise
Rotate shoulders while moving arms to side. Hold position for a few seconds. Repeat other direction.
Move slowly and breathe slow and deep
Larger image
copd exercise
Raise arms over head. Hold position. Repeat other direction.
Breathe slow and deep
Larger image
COPD treatment resources
copd exercise
Rotate head while holding shoulder straight. Hold position. Repeat other direction.
Move slowly and breathe slow and deep
Larger image
copd exercise
Rotate torso and head. Hold position. Repeat other direction. 
Move slow and breathe slow and deep
Larger image
How to cough
Larger image

Technique for coughing

How to cough with COPD.

Sit upright in chair.
Breath slowly inward through nose.
Deep breath.
Lean forward and cough while exhaling.
Flex diaphram and chest muscles
medical mask

Prevent illness/ don't breathe dust /

Fresh cut grass, cold fronts, cold weather, leaves, sunshine after a rain, allergy season, tree and pollen season, air pollution, ozone, house cleaning, old papers and cardboard, laundry, bug spray, household cleaners and chemicals, laundry day... can cause irritation of lungs and possible infection.
Applies to any person with lung problems, severe allergies, or weakened immune systemPrepare in advance when a storm front is forecast. Shop ahead of time. Plan to stay indoors.
Avoid going outside after a cold front arrives ... people are prone to catch pneumonia ... or catch colds from other people
Stay indoors.
Wear respirator and dusk mask. I wear the N95 dust and surgical mask. Can impede breathing in those with weaker inhalation strength.
N95 mask
Pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation in the blood.
And it also reads heartbeats per minute.
Normal O2 saturation reading for young person is 98. The number declines if person is in ill health or older..
My doctor says: 'you and I are the same as long as your O2 is 90 or above"
Caution, below 90 you should be aware that this reading means putting on oxygen, doing your emergency inhaler, sitting down or laying down or breathing deeper or clearing lungs with coughing or visiting emergency room is a wise course.. Having two pulse oximeters at the home will check reliability

Pulse oximeter

Haircut for COPD

Haircut shears

Do it yourself haircut is easy. Save money
Avoid driving to barber shop
Avoid exposure to other people, especially during cold front.
Wait for good day outside. Sit in the sun and get hair cut. Don't breathe hair. Cover face with mask while hair is being cut.
Do not use powder or lotions with fragrance.
IT CAN BE UNSAFE TO USE ELECTRIC SHEARS AROUND OXYGEN. Use scissors instead of shears if oxygen is being used.
Hair cutting kit/ $18
Features/ resources:
6'10" long cord with polarized plug, beveled ear cutting attachments, choose any length of hair from 1/8" buzz to 1" long
Choose length, snap color-coded length attachment to cutter, plug it in, start cutting, neck trim attachment, comb and small pair scissors included.
Don't worry, it will grow back.
Here is Photo of kit at my house
artificial flowers

Use artificial flowers (or no flower) instead of real flowers

Avoid fragrances such as flowers, potpourri and perfumes
Change flower arrangements frequently if possible to avoid build-up of dust

Having a nice environment that's clean and uncluttered can be easier for COPD patients
Have a cleaning service if possible
Have friends or family de-clutter the environment
Do not remain in the same room where cleaning is taking place you do not want to see breathe the dust or cleaning chemicals

Pleasant surroundings can be a calming effect which can help improve oxygen
Stress will often decrease oxygen

Flower arrangements
air filter

Allergen air filters

"Pollution can cause heart attack Intermountain Medical Center's Heart Institute found that risk of most serious kind of heart attack rises after the level of PM2.5 (fine particulate) pollution reaches 25 micrograms per cubic meter of air. That's the yellow, or "moderate," range of air pollution.
Such pollution is comprised of fine particles of metals, allergens, organic chemicals, soot and dirt, each measuring about 1/20th the width of a human hair. For every 10 micrograms above 25 the PM2.5 rate reaches, the risk of a serious heart attack rises by 15 percent.
People with heart disease are vulnerable because plaque in artery walls becomes inflamed when breathing polluted air. The plaque becomes unstable, swells and splits, blocking the artery." end of quote
The same particles and pollutants can cause inflamed airwaves in people with COPD.
COPD patients are at double risk from air pollution because both heart and lungs are affected.
3M Filtrete air filters
Allergen air filters
Features/ resources:
Allergen air filters simply filter the air and have no byproduct. Air filters that draw air through fabric filters, and HEPA filters do the best job of removing contaminants from the air. However, electrostatic filters produce ozone as a byproduct. Ozone is an irritant that can inflame airwaves. Any product that produces ozone is bad for airwaves and COPD.
Best actions: ban smoking and perfumes. Remove carpet. Maintain HVAC equipment. Change air filters regularly.
We use the 600 filtrete dust and pollen filter changed each 2 months. And have IQ air machine for bedroom.
Breath builder

Breath builder

Spirometry is 'measuring breath. It is used for pulmonary function test.'
The breath builder is one aspect of spirometry. It measures amount of inhaled air volume. It is also used to help maintain lung health.
Ideal methid: breathe in slow and deep. Slow inhale uses diaphragm muscle, while quick inhale uses chest muscles.
Use breath builder 2-3 times per day, in addition to prescribed inhalers (if applicable to diagnosis), can help keep airwaves open.
Using the breath builder first thing in morning can help raise oxygen level in bloodstream in some patients.
It is also used to help strengthen and expand lung capacity for horn players and musicians.
Doing arm exercises and leg exercises from a sitting position, after using breath builder, is sometimes prescribed for clearing airwaves and maintaining good circulation and strength.
Breath builder
Spirometers at Amazon 
Resources/ research:
Spriometry and COPD/ pdf
Spirometry science and explanation/ pdf
peak flow meter

Peak flow meter

Peak flow meter measures level of obstruction in airwaves.
It is not an exercise that is done daily, although it can be used this way.
It can be used before and after using broncodialiators to estimate effectiveness of treatment.
The measurements are approximate, and they vary throughout the day depending on general healh, condition and fatique.
Other factors that affect the result are age and height. The peak flow of a person declines with age.
How to use: Insert end in mouth and form firm seal with lips. Relax mouth and neck. Sit up straight. Take deep breath through nose. 
Exhale as quickly as possible in one push using diaphram and chest muscles.
Peak flow meter charts are available online. For example my age and height shows average number. And my results are normally lower, but occasionally higher. My reults are much lower immediately after walking because of condition and fatique. 
Doctor says not to worry too much about results since the charts are not correct for all people. The main thing it to keep a good outlook and stay healthy. He says if you look at peak flow results, then it will cause concern and stress.... and that will lower the results.
Asthma meter

Inhaler mask

Inhalers are sometimes prescribed by doctor
Masks are not covered by Medicare
Order mask locally or online
Masks are disposable. Must be disposed after a month or so. Get recommendation from doctor or nurse.
Many inhalers carry warning against getting mist into eyes
Use long tube type instead of mask if the inhaler can get into eyes

Updraft nebulizer Hudson updraft nebulizer at emergency medical products
Order adult mask
Updraft nebulizer II at emergency medical products
wear respirator mask

Wear respirator mask when going outside

I am wearing 'half mask' with organic vapor cartridge. This has protected me from breathing vapors, dusts etc.
I wear the mask when going outside or moving around boxes or anything that will stir up dust, dirt and mold.
The filter cartridges are replaceable.
It is more difficult to breath through the mask... but it is safer for people with lung problems who can breath hard enough
Smoke, pollutants, dust, forest fires, etc can affect lungs and airways
When rainfall ends and then sunshine following, this condition will cause explosion of mold spores... avoid going outside on those days.

Avoid large crowds.
Respirator masks

Resources/ research:
Picture of types of half masks

Neli med nasal rinse
Starter kit has 5 packets of saline mix
Or buy the full kit with 50 packets

Neli-med nasal rinse

Folks using some drugs and inhalers frequently have dry nasal passages. For example inhalers and sleep and anxiety meds etc.
To keep nose open, I use the Nelipot and saline mix.
Be careful when using before laying down. Draining sinuses can cause respiratory difficulty.
Always use distilled water.
You can clean the Nelipot by filling with distilled water and adding 1 drop of bleach. Let sit overnight.
When I feel a cold coming on, I add a couple drop of white vinegar when mixing new solution. Adding a tiny bit of vinegar... the mixture is harsh, and I certainly have no idea if this is recommended by medical profession, but it has prevented me from getting cold so far.... and the nasal cold was always a precursor to the cold dropping into my lungs, requiring antibiotic. Be cautious if you try this.
The manufacturer recommends use new nedipot each 6 months. I change mine every other month.
My doctor says, the solution is just saltwater, and that saltwater does not prevent mold. You must not keep using same nelipot.
Nelimed at Amazon
Walgreens also carries the neli med product
soap dispenser

Large soap dispenser

Washing hands is important to avoid bronchial problems
Bar of soap is easy
Soap dispenser can be used with 1 hand for dispensing
Large bottle is convenient
Mix dish soap with water ... although dish soap can dry out hands

Larger soap dispenser bottle
Low salt cookbook

Low salt diet

Low salt diet is usually recommended by doctors for patients with COPD and heart problems 
Salt can cause water retention in the body including the lungs
To prevent build up of water and fluid in the lungs and low-salt diet is essential
Read food labels and plan ahead

Low water intake can also help heart and kidney function in people with enlarged heart of with other heart ailments.
People with COPD frequently develop enlarged heart.
Too much water consumed at one time, or consumed over a period of time, can cause decreased salt content in the blood which can cause bowel problems in addition to serious risk of seizure and death. Too little water can also cause health problems.
Low salt diet books at Amazon
Bathroom support bar
Larger image

Replace bathroom towel bars with support bar

Make bathroom safer
Attach to structure (2x4) using handrail bracket.
Simple sanded 2x2 with stain for color is all that's needed
I used a treated 2x2 left over from construction years

The support bar is extended into the bathtub for safer entry and exit from tub
How to attach handrail to pocket door
Bathroom support bars
Larger image

Add safety grab bars to bathtub.

Caution... the soap dish will not hold your weight.
Use stainless bolts and screws. Avoid using the pot steel bolts and screws they send with product.
Buy real stainless screws and toggles at local store.

Be careful when buying stainless. Often the package says stainless, but it's just pot metal from china covered with stainless coating.
Go to real hardware store. Look in the pull-out boxes.
You can feel the weight of a stainless screw or bolt... it's much heavier and more reliable than the pot steel that comes with bar.

Attach the lowest bar to 2x4 inside wall... best if both ends are attached to 2x4, but at least 1 end must be attached to structure using stainless screw.
Other end can be attached using stainless toggle bolts. Do NOT use the plastic anchors. Use real metal toggle that opens behind the wall.

Safety grab bar at Amazon 
Bathtub safety grab bars
Support bar on door frame
Larger image

Support bar on door frame

Use lag screws to attach to 2x4 frame
Add to any door frame

Safety grab bar at Amazon 
Bathtub safety grab bars

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