aug 2017
Two years before I die:
5 years ago: Remodeled and painted all 3 bathrooms ...
4-1/4 years ago: doctor gave me 2-5 to live..
Knowing my time is short...
Today I touched up the bathroom walls, to bring peace to my final moments..
removed old nails and caulked the balusters
had a great chocolate milk shake at old time soda fountain
spray painted the wicker chairs and return air grille..
and picked up loose pots and gloves off back deck
in preparation for the storm
... and yesterday fixed the wicker chair
scraped and cleaned porch balusters and cut some 2x4s
... day before fixed up the wood patio chairs and rocker
and hung 2 miniblinds
... day before cleaned out storage cabinets
and wrote new webpage
after getting back from hardware store
then tomorrow's schedule, paint and nail balusters
pick up tools
finish cutting 4x4s
because it's going to rain this weekend
and soften the ground
so I can finish digging holes and
pour concrete
then I'm done
unless the house floods
or blows away

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