Proof: Developers know the risk of flood is real..;.
5-6 years ago Del Webb started a retirement community a few miles from here...
Two or three neighbors moved there, so we looked at the small overpriced houses with builder-grade paint and cheap HVAC units..
They have an impressive community center raised majestically above the homes ... the height disguised by the landscape-architecture..
We had to drive down a hill to see the homes...
except the only hills in S Texas are river banks gouged out by historic floods
So I said no way
Because the whole retirement community was built in a flood plain.....
Fortunately the county built a levee couple years later, which 2 years ago caused record flood on other side, wiping out poor families... that had never been flooded before
Since that debacle, which was never mentioned in the news, a housing boom has been constructed inside the levee... 1000? homes crammed together on small lots not worth the land they're built on...
And this year Del Webb and all the new homes had to evacuate because the river was expected to overtop the levee...
A bare miracle put the heaviest rain east of here, and the river was at a summer low when the rain started.
This proves 3 things.
1) duh
2) don't buy a home in a flood plain
3) the developer of Del Web is damn aware flooding is a danger to all those people because they built their community center on raised ground
Developers and government officials own this mess.