Ya'll proponents of rooftop solar miss the big picture that the grid must supply electricity-for-all, day or night... if rooftop solar defeats the 'evil' grid, the wealthy will have electric and you will be cozy cool when summer temperatures reach 125.
Maybe it doesn't affect you today, or you think lack of cooperation is best course, but my friend in Nevada is full off grid with solar panels to spare ... and he spends massive amounts of time managing his computerized grid ... but he is cold some nights ,,, so he burns trees.
You get a couple million people burning trees because they don't have electricity, then it defeats the noble purpose of saving the environment, and sooner or later the homes you own will be worth nothing.
Best to think long term like the power company.

If I may add .. Texas privatized delivery and selling electricity, which created a level of corruption and overcharges until the PUC stepped back in ... so now customers must buy electric from a list of 10 'providers,' all owned by same 1-2 companies that sell 1 year contracts, PLUS pay the grid fee to the company that owns transmission and distribution ... which guarantees a connection fee for rooftop solar ,,,, and somehow created a problem getting street lights fixed in rural neighborhoods because the grid claims they are not responsible, plus ended regulation over when they replace telephone poles.
The people opining against the grid in western states should be aware that breaking apart delivery and production, and privatization will NOT solve solar panel problems. Face it, all business models change and rooftop solar is facing that right now.

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