It's easy to post slogan from the internet....
But here's something I wrote a couple minutes ago:

Sometimes, the harder you fight for something, the more likely you will fail,
... causing the opposite come true instead.
That seems contrary to popular philosophy and notions that you should always fight for your beliefs ...
.. instead of picking your fights like the greatest heavyweights.

Remember when geo wallace ran for president on a strict racist ticket?
The success of his candidacy in garnering so many votes, brought the simmering racial hatred to a head, and legislation against racism followed his loss...

Let's remember the wallace campaign when thinking about the trump campaign.

But let's also remember two other campaigns.

Like when the iconic ralph nadar squandered his accomplishment in a failed third-party candidacy that possibly threw the election to Bush instead of Gore ... and discontinuance of bin laden monitoring, militarism, and deregulation, ... instead of attention to science and global warming.
... ralph nadar failed, and his contribution ended.

And there is another example.
Bernie Sanders.
Here stands a man of little previous importance that no massive architecture of hate was directed toward him.
... yet a man who has suddenly risen to great consequence because of his former accomplishments.
Bernie stands at a crossroads.
Should he become a beloved icon, whose ideas changed a nation forever?
So acute is his effect that we now demand election accountability, and question the voting system.
Because of him, the entire nation knows that the corruption of wealth and low wages is paramount.
To the same effect that trump has caused a conversation about racism, Bernie has done an immense job about inequality and our right to address it.
My question>
Will Bernie squander his iconic achievement and continue fighting for the election?
...only to cause the opposite to come true?

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