Confidence the key to heaven
Heaven being the key to the beginning
Give me a quote
Began to have confidence
Just lie down for a moment
Watch my hands
My hands are faster than yours
This is confidence: first lesson
Have you ever been bowling
You broke 100
I knew a guy who broke his arm
Once upon a time
Dr. Marcus Welby M.D.
Hospital rules insist on separate beds
For such characters as those we
Might know - or should know
For that matter
List wash in Woolite - we'll look
Good - better - Best
The beginning
In the beginning
There was a beginning
Give me a job
A job
A job ... Yes a job
Make America strong
Lift weights
That as this is of questionable
Consider our God
Give me a dollar
Earn it, you have a weak back
Back to the beginning
Only so as to provide an end
God made the beginning
This is where it all began
A swamp
Pull up a stump and relax
Be smart I am by now
Inspire me ... give give give
I got
May wonder
Jump around and sing
Waste everything