June 2016 Facebook post on alterntive energy
so the inevitable trade off for alternative energy is burning down every forest ... I know this because those folks who live full-solar off-grid burn firewood for heat ... they all do ... and the alternative energy minimize the impact ... until the city folks start coming out to their forests to get firewood ... it's not an attack on efforts to make things better ... just an factor of human nature and the choices we make ... you will burn firewood to stay warm.

ok... I understand it's your post and I'm butting in ... and true, the electric furnace works to a point ... but those folks burn firewood or they burn gas ... mathematics can be applied to the issue ... there is not enough heat from solar panels to carry a whole house through a period of cloudy cold weather ... my scientist-friend who lives off grid in nevada has talked extensively about this ... he and I designed a solar water heater and done the calculations ... and he's got entire array of panels on poles and on the ground and on the roof ... he burns firewood and propane gas (delivered by a truck running on gasoline), and has done calculations about the cost of cutting and gathering wood (using gas-powered chain saw) off his mountain ... it comes down math.

True, and if we cut petroleum, we will not have the power to run a cyclotron or build machinery to discover fusion ... in either case, we will elect hysterical leaders that will feed us BS to convince the public that steps are being taken, when in fact nothing is being done except provide entertainment ... at least that's past history of human behavior. Oh, and this is so different than the endless scroll of opinion vrs fact we see on professionally-prepared facebook scribes that we like and re-post to support our opinion ... and conducting this behavior at night proves that communication systems are not powered by solar panels, and that what we like on facebook is precisely the manipulation I mention ... it's not real, and bleakly I suggest it's a commercial exercise that will not change until all the trees are consumed and human thinking altered by methane inhalation from permafrost melt.

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