Workers remember this:
your only job is to protect the rich guy's money ...
and he isn't going to ask customers how he's doing... but he will ask what they think of you .,..
... and he's not going to give you a raise, or benefits, or retirement, or health care, or support your family in crisis,
or even know about the situation because nobody can talk to him ...
... but he can talk to you, talk about you, and fire you,
and stop you from getting other jobs, while making you pay for the uniform.

Comment from lawyer:
When they legislate all of that, they call it a "Right to Work" law.
You are an at will employee. You can be fired if the employer doesn't like the color of your eyes.
Civil rights violations (age, race, sex, religion, handicap), might be actionable but pursuing your rights can be costly and timed-consuming.
And the deck, and the law, is stacked in favor of the employer.

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