Quote from 2014.
Duane Paulson of home automation manufacturer 2Gig by Linear,
and a former utility-industry exec who developed load management programs, said:
“Utilities are incentivizing the wrong people.
Individuals don’t care about saving $5 or $10 per month,
but give those incentives to companies like ADT or AT&T,
with their millions of customers,
and the money really adds up.”

My opinion:
The problem with this thinking, is that people don't like big companies forcing them into packages
and treating them with indifference,
and misleading the public to gain a dollar.
The battle lines are drawn,
and we the people are behind the barricades
and losing badly
as our ownership disappears,
wages promised as future benefit magically don't exist (stocks),

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jobs become temporary,
the rich-get-richer,
and tabloid facts become reasonable alternatives.