The Dallas shootings, July 2016
what say now republicans? you've been asking for war ...
this is where it starts
and for reasons you didn't anticipate
and against those you didn't choose to target
with consequences that didn't benefit the 'principles' you embraced
war is dirty, ugly, starvation and chaos
with the rich taking all
and your prayers won't stop it
until it drains away the will of incitement you started
and your party will not be the leader or winner ... they will be nothing

the shootings in dallas are not from an insane man
they are natural response
to racism
caused by republican partisans.
started by relentless attacks on our president
... a man who has withstood 9 years of hatred with grace
... a man of dignity
... a man who will defy the history you want to write about him
accompanied by police shootings of Black men
that would never occur against white people
yet pray for the population of white people to arm themselves
because it's good for business profit
while thousands die on our soil
without the slightest action from our red-state representatives
except to misquote an amendment
and steal another day in office they don't deserve
while embracing the candidacy of racism
This is how it starts.