Questions for the scientists and quasi-scientists trying to answer what electricity is:
The clues might be out there.
Is electricity the same across the universe?
Can you set up an AC generation grid on a planet that does not have a metallic core?
Would the ground rods and neutral system work?
Is electricity a product of gravity?
Does electric current flow across the universe like light?
Electric wires capture radio waves and transmit the interference - would the wires on another planet need to be shielded from radiation? Are radio waves only caused by electricity?
Do our electronic circuits work in very high heat and cold?
Are the physics governing electricity the same everywhere?
Do those rules evolve?
Do atoms evolve?
What kind of electricity is needed for life?
The conductive element nickle is used in batteries, and is necessary for living organisms as we know them, and the earth's core is nickle, the metal is abundant and our nervous systems are electrical - is there a relationship?
Last question is odd, but I read a research paper that claimed nickle absorbed radiation by turning it into electrical energy ... future power source?

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